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Elizabeth Geisha

So here we are less than a week out from the big night and the PC Police and the SJW clowns are ramping up the stupid on social media. They’re posting selfies of themselves holding up Halloween items with disapproving looks on their faces or they’re recycling memes filled with disapproving people from prior Octobers. All of it because they don’t like certain Halloween costumes they’ve taken it upon themselves to define as socially unacceptable and offensive.

Guys, seriously, get over yourselves.



Is your Halloween film rotation shaping up to be just more of the same films you watched the rest of the year? Can’t seem to make a playlist that’s not just the latest hot films mixed in with the well-worn classics? Maybe you need to try a few of these for a spin in your home entertainment setup’s player of choice.

Seen your favorite zombie films 100 times or more already? Maybe it’s time to check out Pontypool.


Sam Wilson Cap

“The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to the Washington Post, August 29, 2012

I’ve said for a while now that “news’ organizations like Fox News and the various conservative “news” websites aren’t designed to make their loyal followers better informed, but rather they’re designed to make them less informed and angrier. Many of them proved it again this weekend as anything close to intelligence or facts went out the window, and an attempt to create anger was launched that was so mindlessly stupid that anyone who considers themselves a conservative should be offended by it.



Holy mother of god… They don’t make films like Dracula vs Frankenstein anymore, and that’s probably a good thing. There’s a special class of so bad they’re good films from the old days where you look at them and realize that they weren’t so much released into theaters as they escaped. You watch them and wonder how anyone in their right mind thought the film in question was suitable for public consumption. Dracula vs Frankenstein is a movie that sits damned near at the very front of that class.

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Today we’re going to look at something enjoyably chilling for the younger horror geeks out there. Now, before you older horror geeks tune out, 1977’s Children of the Stones, unlike many other other younger viewer productions made for scares, isn’t a story that the older set will have trouble viewing all the way through to the end. It never dumbs down its content. The direction and music are still quite effective, and the story could very easily have been only slightly retooled and recast in order to be passed off as a more adult series. Indeed, I’ve heard the thing referred to by some British horror critics as The Wicker Man for the pre-teen and teenage set. Indeed, I still see people who are familiar with it referencing it as still being one of the scariest TV experiences they ever had.

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Netflix Effect

Years ago, back in the dark days before cable, streaming services, and digital downloads, a couple of TV shows died in the ratings. One languished for a while before finally getting canceled. One went damned near unwatched during its first season- causing network heads worry about its likely failure as a series. It’s kind of funny looking back on the early years of the two shows and seeing that now. The first, Star Trek, became one of the biggest television properties of all time. The second, M*A*S*H, became one of the most popular television series ever aired.


Cutting the Cords

So, back in the bygone days of 2009 we snipped our cable cord as a budget cutting measure. We had a two-year-old, Jenn was staying home with our son, and the economy was still struggling after going down the drain during the late 2007 to early 2009 crash. That last bit kind of cut into my overtime pretty hard as well as ensuring that raises were going to be few and far in between for a while. With our Dish bill going through the roof, it was an easy call to make.