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2020 is largely turning into the year without a fan convention. We saw a few conventions take place just after the New Year, but then the Big Bad Bug hit America’s shores and con after con started announcing their closures. If it wasn’t already apparent to everyone before it got to this point, the idea that this was going to be a year where fan gatherings had to fall to the needs of public health came when SDCC announced they were shutting their doors for 2020. 


The Protesters

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Dear Anti-Vaxxers

Posted: March 31, 2020 in Life, News

Dear Anti-Vaxxers

It’s Tough Right Now

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They Have No Idea

Birds of Prey

Okay… So, Birds of Prey...
The film, which should probably at least be jogging out of the starting gate, is stumbling out of the gate on its opening weekend. The originally reported studio projections for the film was an opening weekend of around $55 million. They were expecting it to do at least Shazam numbers id not better. As the release got closer and they started getting a feel for where everything was tracking, they downgraded that to expecting around $45 million. By Saturday morning, the projections for its domestic box office take was being discussed as around $35 million. It’s actually just under that right now, but I suspect it will come out a little above $35 million by the time the Sunday adjusted totals post tomorrow. 


The Johnstown Monster - 1971 (1).JPG

Now, I can tell I have you thinking two things here. First, you’re wondering what the Johnstown Monster is and, second, you’re wondering what mystery about it has been solved. A headline like this is the kind of thing you expect from a Nessie or Bigfoot site when writing their latest article about how they’ve solved the mystery of the monster’s identity and determined the Loch Ness Monster is an overweight eel that hasn’t had sex in over fifty years. This would not be that type of mystery solved article.

No, this is about a movie. This is about the identity of a movie I’ve been trying to find the identity of for decades now. The mystery for me was what was the name of the movie I watched many moons ago in my long-forgotten youth. The answer I have finally found is 1971’s The Johnstown Monster.

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Okay, some of what I’m going to bring up may come across as a bit “Duh!” to many of you, but… I’ve been going to Dragon Con since 2006. In that time, I have seen and heard so many discussions where people talked about the things they missed or messed up and felt stupid for doing so. First, don’t feel stupid. Anything that’s a large undertaking requires at least a little research and/or a little bit of a learning curve. I’ve been going for 13 years. I still occasionally learn something from someone else that makes my preparation or my Dragon Con weekend easier and I know people who have been going for 20 to 30 years who can say the same thing. Additionally, it’s easy to make mistakes that seem embarrassingly obvious to you after you’ve discovered you made them, but a number of people- very smart and normally on top of everything people -who have gone to Dragon Con have made some of the very same mistakes I’ll be touching on.