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Check out some Kong: Skull Island reviews here. Start out with two great crews talking about their takes on the film from two of the best podcasts out there. Then head over to Needless Things and check out my take on the big ape’s newest journey to the big screen.

Plus, give a listen to the other stuff the guys over at the ESO and HNR podcasts are talking about as well. If you’ve never given these podcasts a listen before, you’ll enjoy them both while finding out a lot of cool stuff that’s coming fandom’s way. If you like them, the ESO and HNR podcasts can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and other fine platforms that carry podcasts as well as streaming on their websites at the links I’ve provided below.

Oh, and check out the Needless Things podcast every Friday at those same platforms and at the same website as my review.


Tombs of the Blind Dead

They were a unique creation that were slapped with the zombie label. Although that was only after they were billed as something so far out off the mark- and more than a wee bit dishonest -that it has become something of an exploitation theater history legend.




Giving credit where credit is due isn’t always a simple thing. See why I say that over at Needless Things. 


Check out my write-up over at Needless Things.


Several year end wrap-ups from the crew at Needless Things.

I hand out the First Annual Little Seven Awards here.

Devlin Valek gives his take on things here.

Phantom looks at his best of 2015 here.

Christina gives her look at the year here.

I give a less snarky look back at 2015 than my awards column here.

Happy New Year!

Bela as Drac

The funny thing about the Romanian vampire is how much everyone says they know about it versus how little they really know about it. Despite supposedly being the template for everything we know of about the classic vampire, they’re nothing like what we envision when we say that word. Swing on over to Needless Things to see why.

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