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Yes, It Really is a Big Deal

Posted: April 27, 2019 in Entertainment, Life, Movies

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[I should note up front that at the time of this writing I have not seen Avengers: Endgame, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers.]

This is the weekend. It’s finally here. Almost one full week shy of exactly eleven years ago, Iron Man landed in theaters across the country and started us on a trip that is finally seeing its end. From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, 21 films have been made that have brought us to this weekend and film 22. We are at Avengers: Endgame.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, from social media to the workplace, there are people who want to downplay what this is. Some are just being deliberately insulting trolls or outright jerks, disparaging the nature of the genre and the fans who enjoy it. Some are simply playing the ‘I’m too cool to be into this popular film series stuff to that level’ bit. Then there are those who are not fans- outside observers as it were -who genuinely don’t understand why some of their friends, family, and coworkers are losing their minds this weekend.    

There’s little that can be said to the first two groups. They are what they are. As for the third group, I can assure you that, yes, what is about to happen in movie theaters across the country this weekend is absolutely a big deal. Here’s why. By the time we’ve all watched the last of the credits roll on Avengers: Endgame, we will have witnessed something that has never been done in the history of American cinema and, as far as I know, the history of cinema anywhere else.


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CoverThe first detonation of a nuclear weapon was conducted by the United States Army at 5:29 am on July 16, 1945. They used the code name of Trinity for the detonation. The name was inspired by the works of John Donne, a poet whose work often touched on the metaphysical and the religious. It was an interesting name as chosen by scientists for such an event; touching on concepts of the big bang and the creation of all things. For Hollywood, it inspired a bit of a different Biblical twist, the time of giant beasts.

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The Manitou (1978)

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The Manitou Cover“It’s Misquamacus. The greatest medicine man of all. He turned rivers, made storms. Mountains rose at his command. No spirit ignored him. No demon denied him.”

In 1976, British horror author Graham Masterson had his first novel published. That novel was The Manitou. The novel would be fairly well received and Masterson would go on to write five sequels and a short story- the last sequel novel so far published in 2015 –and have lead character Harry Erskine appear in other works not directly tied to the Manitou series. The series would have a number of references to the works of H.P. Lovecraft written into them from the very start, and Masterson would write more than story outside of his Manitou works that were openly built on Lovecraft’s works.

It’s perhaps this- on top of his ability to write stories that play well to the reader –that not only…

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On April 16, 1988, 31 years ago in Japan, an animated film, an early film for the just shy of three-year-old Studio Ghibli, opened in movie theaters in Japan. The film was based on a 1967 semi-autobiographical short story, Hotaru no Haka, from writer Akiyuki Nosaka. The story itself had become well known in Japan, and Akiyuki Nosaka had reportedly turned down several offers to turn his story into a live action movie or television film believing that live action would not capture the intended spirit of the story. He had never considered animation, but first the pitch from Studio Ghibli and then the early storyboards convinced him that the story could not be properly told at that time in any medium other than animation. There are probably a lot of people all around the world who are glad he came to that conclusion, because had he not done so we would never have seen Grave of the Fireflies. Of course, that’s as much a blessing as a curse for some.


Here are both the show from the beginning of the month and the newest show where we look at both a horror weekend turned into an elaborate gag and a scientific attempt to deal with the paranormal turned into hell. Enjoy!

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AH1Here are both the show from the beginning of the month and the newest show where we look at both a horror weekend turned into an elaborate gag and a scientific attempt to deal with the paranormal turned into hell. Enjoy!

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ConCarolinas Short Film Festival

The lineup for films in the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival. Actual times will be posted soon.


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2000X: Tales of the Next Millennia


The Dragon Con Khan Report is, to me, one of the two best podcasts out there to get you ready for Dragon Con- and it’s the only one of those two that runs throughout the year and not just 50 days before con.