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One of the great goofy films that will likely never see a proper release on home video at this point. A shame too since it has a lot of fun with some of the so-bad-they’re-good films of yesteryear. My look at it over on Needless Things.

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Hidden away in the tiny little Southern hamlet known as Atlanta, Georgia (you may even have heard of it) there is small group of people tirelessly plugging away at making an old art form new and enjoyable again. This group, the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, written as ARTC (and pronounced “Artsy”) from here on out, specialize in doing new old-style radio entertainment, and they like to point out that there is adventure in sound when performing or promoting their stories. But simply saying “adventure” is shortchanging their library a bit.


Hogan is the greatest of all time? I don’t think so.

We’ve never named a day after him.

Happy Me Day 2

Happy Me Day

Robin Williams RIP

Robin Williams was one of the most genuinely funny human beings I’ve ever seen. Watching him perform stand-up, hell, even seeing him in most interviews, was like watching a manic ball of energy devoted to sheer joy and laughter.

A Night at the Met was probably my favorite comedy album for years. I wore out two tapes before getting it on CD. In my teens and twenties, Robin Williams and his stand up (and the experimental improv comedy he did) was one of the most influential things in shaping my humor into what it is today.

I’m at a loss for word to express how much it saddens me that not only has he died, but that the reports at this time indicate that he has apparently died by his own hands.




I have no idea who created this, but they’re a genius.

Or they just have way too much time on their hands.



The Five Stages of Being a Voter in 2012

The Five Stages of Being a Voter in 2012

And now the other side’s pain in 2012…

The Five Stages of Being a Democrat in 2012

The Five Stages of Being a Democrat in 2012