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Learning The Hard Way

Ah, the smell of idiocy and desperation.

Nancy and her boycott are just getting sad at this point. It was a bit comical to see Nancy boasting about the growing boycott movement while citing many supporters who have openly stated that they have never been to Dragon*Con or that they have not been to Dragon*Con in well over 15 or 20 years. It was certainly funny enough in the early going (and the recent weeks come to think of it) to watch as Nancy declared “victories” and credited her boycott call as the cause when various confirmed guests dropped out of Dragon*Con appearances while ignoring the facts that they cited conflicts with work, they also canceled other appearances in the same general time period and that they totally failed to mention anything about the boycott. It has become funnier still to watch her claim as victories for or imply boycott connections to individuals or groups who are actually still active, confirmed guests.