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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

HftDThe gang get together this week in order to dive into the 1980 Roger Corman produced classic, Humanoids from the Deep. They cover the film, the controversy around it, the FX work that still looks good today, and why some horror fans are wrong about how they’re looking at the recent issues with Shudder and Joe Bob Briggs. 

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Frogs (1972)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

FrogsRay Milland returns as a topic of discussion on The Assignment: Horror Podcast as the crew looks back at the 1972 eco-horrorFrogs. Listen in as the crew hit the hot button topics of the film like-

– Why isn’t there a giant frog eating people like the poster shows?

– Do the frogs actually do any of the work here or do they just sit on their fat lily pads for the entire movie and hog all the credit for themselves? 

– Does Jerry know the difference between Louisiana and Florida?

– Where the hell is Sam Elliott’s mustache!?!

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Pontypool (2008)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Middle2008’sPontypool started out as a book by Tony Burgess, Pontypool Changes Everything, back in 1995. It was an interesting take on the zombie concept and one that tried to maximize the effectiveness of its concept by creating a claustrophobic setting for the events that would impact the few characters the reader would get to know. The novel caused something of a small stir, but it wasn’t close to being a well known property even in many horror circles. Then the movie happened. 

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

LifeForceThis week the crew are talking about the visual and narrative insanity that is 1985’s Lifeforce. This film was the Cannon Group’s attempt to jump into the big budget (looking at least) science fiction filmmaking. The attempt was a mixed bag, and people either love it or hate it. Also, bonus new viewer material- It turned out that John had never actually seen the entire film from start to finish either.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

ThingThis episode the crew tackles The Things from Another World. This episode the crew also gets a bit punchy. 

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The Underground Space Station

Stace and Sheil are off at Aunt Marge’s today, packing things up. Having the living room’s big TV to myself has prompted throwing TOS Blu’s on. I’ve gotten up to the all-too-often talked about City on the Edge of Forever.

If you wanna hear all about Ellison’s problems with the rewrites or any of that behind the scenes stuff, or even one of the umpteen rehashes of the story, this ain’t the place. It should be noted that this is FAR from my favorite TOS episode. Not that it’s BAD. mind you. Far be it from me to say that. No, there are just other episodes I like BETTER.

Still, this is one of the very few TOS adventures where the stakes are so personal for the main characters. First, Kirk and Spock are trying to rescue McCoy–their friend, and tied for First, trying to restore their reality. Spock’s enjoyment…

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

JCOVERThis week’s assignment is Becca’s pick, the classic tale of loss and the paranormal best known as The Haunting of Julia. The movie serves up a well crafted tale of horror and sports a magnificent cast of actors that anyone who loves 1970s era British horror will instantly recognize.

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