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“Please don’t treat me like a mental patient who has to be humored. I also majored in psychology.”  

As a horror fan, how many times have you said those very same words? It gets old, doesn’t it? Erin Miskell is still on sabbatical binging on pizza with pineapple, but you can join guest host Jerry Chandler and the rest of your regular Grue Crew – Joseph Perry, Chad Hunt, and Jeff Mohr – as they attempt to hide behind a facade of sanity while, a little too gleefully, discussing one of Jacques Tourneur’s masterpieces, Night of the Demon (1957). Or is it Curse of the Demon? It’s hard to remember while faking sanity. We owe this selection to our faithful Patreon listeners who chose this film from a poll of six classic era titles.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

KtNSThis week the crew looks at Jerry’s pick, the original television movie that introduced the world to Carl Kolchak, 1972’s Kolchak: The Night Stalker. It’s a solid favorite of the entire older school crew, but what will Richard think of it? 

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Days of the Dead (Atlanta)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

NLA little Thursday bonus post again brought to you by Richard’s other podcast. If you love horror and you like hitting the occasional convention, you’ll want to listen in as Richard and show guest Dave West discuss the Days of the Dead convention in Atlanta, Georgia as well as a few other horror related things. 

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Horror Of The 90’s

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Check it out at The Assignment: Horror page.

The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Hot90sOn The Assignment: Horror Podcast, Richard plays the part of almost the horror newbie. But that’s only true when it comes to the older and really, really older stuff that’s being thrown at him for that show. The truth is, Richard is a fan of horror and often a quite knowledgeable one. His overall relationship with horror is just largely of a more recent vintage than that of his Assignment: Horror cohorts. 

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Secret Satan Santa

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The Abominable Dr. Phibes

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This week we assign Richard one of Vincent Price’s most famous roles and discuss The Abominable Dr. Phibes on The Assignment: Horror Podcast.


Becca’s pick- no, amazingly it wasn’t me who picked it -for Richard’s assignment this week is the gloriously enjoyable train wreck that is 1983’s The Keep. Along with John and I, we all dive into what made the movie what it is.