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Ebola was one of the possible US “outbreak” scenarios that should have been one of the easiest possible situations to deal with for an organization like the CDC. Instead we got what feels like an organization sleepwalking through the situation until finally forced to start waking up and paying attention. They’ve damaged their credibility horribly, and they’ve damaged their ability to effective lead the public in situations like this, because, one does wonder, if this is how they handle an “easy” outbreak scenario, how badly would they have handled a truly nightmarish one?

To borrow an analogy from a semi-recent Obama gaffe- We need the Varsity Team in our corner when the serious ship hits the sand, not the JV Team bringing its B-game. But, unfortunately, right now it feels like we’ve got the JV Team. It’s time to fix that and trade up ASAP.

Who Knew that the CDC Was Actually a Marx Brothers Film?.


CDC Upside Down

Whatever deity you believe in, whatever fates you choose to believe guides and protects you, thank them tonight before you go to sleep. Thank them for what? Thank them for dropping Ebola onto our soil as opposed to one of the more virulent and terrifyingly deadly bugs out there.

Ebola, as I discussed here, still isn’t a major panic factor for us since we live in a pretty modern society that is not conducive to the mass outbreaks we see elsewhere in the world. For us, living in the country we do, it’s a containable event. It’s also an easy bug to deal with. Or at least it should be.


Ebola Cover

I know this is going to fall on few ears via my humble little blog. I also know that it’s likely to fall on quite a few deaf ears as well. But, people, for to those of you buying tickets for the panic train, please, on this entire Ebola issue, start using your heads and stop freaking out.

The fear mongering idiots with their deliberate disinformation want nothing more than to amuse themselves by stirring crap up and watching as you all do the panic dance to their tune. It’s how they get their jollies. It’s how they make themselves feel like they’re better than you, smarter than you, by provoking and manipulating you into acting exactly how they most want you to act. They’re no different than any other form of internet troll. They’re saying something inflammatory or outrageous, likely not believing a word of it themselves, in hopes that someone else will take the bait. And then, once they have you on their hook, they’re just going to keep playing with you and reeling you in for as long as they can.

Let’s look at some basic facts, things I think we can all agree are accurate, and take a look at what they tell us.


?ciana - t?o

I can’t get out completely. There are too many things that I have to keep track of and keep up with, from festivals to cons to working on projects with friends, but I can certainly pull back a bit; I can cut down.

And I probably should for the best of reasons. I’m really getting jaded about the basic levels of the stupidity of mankind as a whole. I even once had more of a sense of humor about it when I wrote this piece some years back – A P.H.D. from Email U. –but the sense of humor about it has gone a little numb.