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Man, the wingnut loonies and some of the Tea Party crazies are clearly losing their tiny little minds these days.

During the W. Bush years, the American Left made no secret of their dislike of George W. Bush’s policies. As a matter of fact, they were very vocal about this fact. But in the mainstream of the American Left, there was still respect for Laura Bush and her attempts to combat illiteracy both here and abroad. Yeah, you could find fringe bloggers on the internet who were total shitheads about the matter, but on the whole the mainstream of the American Left, both the public and the professional, at least saw fighting illiteracy as a good thing and saw the idea of a prominent figure, such as a First Lady, promoting that cause to be a good thing. After all, one would think that, despite the political positions held by the husbands of the American First Wives, most Americans can get past petty partisan posturing long enough to support a good cause or ideal.


I had a Drunk in Public in court the other week; older guy in his 50s. I originally got him for that and for an assault charge last month. When I arrested him, he wouldn’t give us any information and he had no ID on him. I was able to find out his name during the pat down. That was also the moment that I knew I was going to end up hating this by the end of it.

Balled up in his pants pocket was one of those plastic picture ID bracelets that you get slapped on you in many hospitals these days. In this case, it was an ID bracelet from the VA hospital. The guy was a vet.