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There are days when it seems like the modern skepticism is on its last legs. Most self described “skeptics” might not know it, and certainly wouldn’t agree, but it’s looking pretty damned bad for them. And the reason isn’t because the truth is harder to find than ever before or because more people are embracing the truth than ever before. No, the reason is that most self described skeptics are anything but skeptical, and they’re in no way a part of the modern skepticism movement. Oh, they’ll tell you that they’re skeptical, they’ll be the first to tell you that, but they seemingly have no clue what the word means.




Podcasting- Talk Radio for Geeks

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Podcasting- Talk Radio for Geeks.

We’re getting shows of our own with geeks (new geeks, longtime geeks, casual chat geeks, or even well connected and established geeks) bringing in the occasional name value guests, where regular panels of geeks get together and discuss in detail about the latest in geekdom. And there’s even enough out there that you could have your own streaming “channel” to listen to every day, just with the bonus that outfits like SiriusXM can’t offer you of you being able to control the content.

And lots of people, people who would probably love what they would be hearing, have no idea what’s out there. That’s changing, but it should probably be changing a little bit faster, and there’s really only one way to make that happen. We need to be talking about the podcasts we love. We need to be spreading the word, because we as their fans and our word of mouth praise are the only “advertising dollar” that a lot of these ventures have.

Here’s a simple proposal to start the ball rolling on my end. I’m going to tell anyone willing to read this about some of my favorite podcasts, and all I ask in return is (1) give at least some of them a listen, (2) talk about them to others if you like them, and (3) leave a comment in the comments section below telling me (and anyone else who reads this) about any favorite podcasts that you listen to and love.


Well, it’s not just for geeks. There are all manner of podcasts out there on the internet right now covering news, conspiracy, health, sports, etc. But the world of the geek is well covered on the podcasting front.

Podcasting Around

And that’s why I’m so often surprised by the large number of people I run into at geek conventions, let alone out in the work-a-day world, who have no idea what’s out there or express little curiosity in what’s out there. This surprise is made even greater when one considers the ease with which so many of these podcasts are made available for the average geek through free streaming on a website, free subscriptions on services like iTunes, or a combination of the two.