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A film so bad it’s good. Well, goodish. Stick your head in over at Needless Things and check out what happens when a bath toy goes bad in Scotland!

Blacula Movie PosterIs your Halloween film rotation shaping up to be just more of the same films you watched the rest of the year? Can’t seem to make a play list that’s not just the latest hot films mixed in with the well worn classics? Maybe you need try a few of these for a spin in your home entertainment setup’s player of choice.

Seen your favorite vampire films 100 times or more already? Maybe it’s time to try Blacula.

Hop over to Needless Things and let me tell you why you should be watching this film.


Look, we’ve all faced one of the truest horrors of this time of year more times than we care to count. Every party we go to, every radio station getting into the Halloween mood we tune in to, and every store we go into tend to play the same Halloween music pulled from a very limited playlist. Unless you have a buddy who’s really into the local indie music scene throwing a party, odds are you’re only around 15 days into October before you’ve heard pretty much every song you’ll hear on every playlist you’re near at least 100 times. So, in the spirit of keeping Halloween horrors to the more enjoyable kind, I want to help you avoid doing the same thing with your playlists by offering some song suggestions that you might want to track down before your Halloween bash.

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There are ghost stories and haunted house films aplenty in horror cinema, but only a few over the decades have really stood out as head and shoulders above the crowd. Fewer still set the bar at a higher level than what came before them. 1963’s The Haunting sits somewhere near the top (or, in my opinion, at the top) of that list.