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Steampunk Vader

(Sheesh… This ended up being almost 3,000 words. I say this in the body of the piece, but let me reiterate something right here at the top so it’s not lost on anyone who reads this due to length. Some of my comments made here are directed at only a very specific part of fandom. You may prefer to identify yourself by a certain label I’m discussing below, but if you’re not doing the things I’m citing- I have no issue at all with you.)

Years ago… Well, actually it was decades ago, but typing “decades” makes me feel a lot older. Anyhow… Years ago, the world of Star Trek fandom started growing in leaps and bounds. Somewhere along the way it took over the focus of the pop culture spotlight occasionally used by those outside of fandom to peek into our culture and report on it to the masses. It was an interesting time in more ways than one. It was also a time that, when looking back on it, sometimes feels like talking about a different planet rather than just a different time.


Netflix Effect

Years ago, back in the dark days before cable, streaming services, and digital downloads, a couple of TV shows died in the ratings. One languished for a while before finally getting canceled. One went damned near unwatched during its first season- causing network heads worry about its likely failure as a series. It’s kind of funny looking back on the early years of the two shows and seeing that now. The first, Star Trek, became one of the biggest television properties of all time. The second, M*A*S*H, became one of the most popular television series ever aired.


As I type this, there are just 25 days to go until Dragon Con. If you’ve never been, this was a short (but very fun) look at just some of what’s at Dragon Con that was done for broadcast on PBS.

Four Days at DragonCon (more…)