1980’s Ruckus was writer/director Max Kleven’s attempt to do a film around a damaged Vietnam vet who gets harassed by the locals and has to ultimately fight for his survival thanks to the local good old boys deciding he needs to be taught his place. While the movie predated First Blood by two years, it came out eight years after the release of the novel and studios had been trying to put together a film version of the novel for almost the entire ten years it took to finally get it to the big screen. During that time, early scripts were written and passed around and it became more and more of a buzz property. While I’ve never seen a direct admission of this, anyone who watches both Ruckus and First Bloodwill immediately notice the many similarities in the story and the character concepts. Where the films don’t have something in common is in the overall quality of the filmmaking.

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The news started trickling out Saturday morning that Art Bell had passed away at the age of 72. By later in the morning, the sad news had been confirmed. A lot of people out there likely don’t know who Art Bell was; although they still may have heard him on the radio or seen him on TV more than a few times. However, for those of us who knew the man’s work well the news hit like a ton of bricks even though he’s largely been off the airwaves for some time now. That impact is not even dependent on you being a believer in any of the subject matter Art used to discuss on his show.

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On April 16, 1988 in Japan, 30 years ago now, an animated film, an early film for the just shy of three-year-old Studio Ghibli, opened in movie theaters in Japan. The film itself was based on a 1967 semi-autobiographical short story, Hotaru no Haka, from writer Akiyuki Nosaka. The story itself had become well known in Japan, and Akiyuki Nosaka had reportedly turned down several offers to turn his story into a live action movie or television film believing that live action would not capture the intended spirit of the story. He had never considered animation, but first the pitch from Studio Ghibli and then the early storyboards convinced him that the story could not be properly told at that time in any medium other than animation. There are probably a lot of people all around the world who are glad he came to that conclusion, because had he not done so we would never have seen Grave of the Fireflies. Of course, that’s as much a blessing as a curse for some.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverWe celebrated April Fool’s Day at The Assignment: Horror Podcast by turning the tables on our three older horror movie buffs. This episode, it’s John, Jerry, and Becca who find themselves locked in the dungeon and assigned a movie to watch by Richard. Richard’s assignment to the crew is a movie he stumbled across some time back and quite enjoyed, 2006’s Open Water 2: Adrift.

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Happy Birthday, Roger

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

RogerRoger Corman is 92 today. Happy Birthday to the man who changed Hollywood thanks to the “Corman School” and the over 350 movies with his name on them. 

You’ve given us a lot, Roger. Thank you, and Happy Birthday.

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It’s April, April Fools is now nicely behind us, and, for wrestling fans at least, the real reason April as a month has a special place on the calendar is about to happen this coming weekend. The entire company that is the World Wrestling Entertainment has been building towards this weekend since the Monday Night Raw of April 3, 2017, and some fans have been making their plans for this weekend for almost as long. Welcome to the craziness that is the WrestleMania Weekend.

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This year’s Dragon Con is August 30 – September 3, 2018.

Every year for more than just a few years now, the Earth Station One crew has produced an annual series of shows designed to let fans- both newbies and long time Dragon Con veterans alike -know what’s going to be happening at that year’s Dragon Con while also dispensing some great advice along the way. The show- already under way now -has guests on who have a wealth of experience with the convention as well as guests who can give anyone a lot of tips and tricks to help prepare for and survive any convention; but especially the now five day nonstop party that is Dragon Con.

Combined with the The Unique Geek’s annual, just before con launched 50 Days of Dragon Con series, there are no podcasts that are better for getting you set for the big event or better at doing it in an entertaining way. 

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