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Posted: October 21, 2020 in Uncategorized
The Lights Have All Been Turned Off for the Year

It’s late Monday evening as I write this. Dragon Con 2020 is (largely) in the books. There’s still a lot of content out there on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo that there was just no way to work in enough time for over the last few days. So, there’s still some Dragon Con 2020 to enjoy during this next week. But as far as the Roku, DCTV Dragon Con Goes Virtual stream, and a few other platforms carrying the live feeds this weekend are concerned, Dragon Con Goes Virtual has gone dark tonight.

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Dragon Con Goes Virtual

For those of you late to the party that is the Coronapocalypse of 2020…

Pandemics suck. On the extreme far end, downer that this is to start a blog post with, there’s death. However, that does play into what happens to daily life under a pandemic. Basically, in many areas of life, it grinds to a halt. A lot of the things we think of as important and essential get cut out of our routines. Then comes the important things we don’t always think of as important and essential.

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The Underground Space Station

As I write this, the funeral for George Floyd is in underway in Houston. The commentary about this case, and the coronavirus before it, has pretty much driven me away from social media. Not because people are saying things I disagree with–reasoned discussion is a hallmark of an intelligent person and developed relationships. Several people I know I have eliminated from the roll of my Facebook call as all they would ever do is spout, well, nastiness. I don’t need that in my life, no matter how long I’ve known a person. These aren’t the people I want to talk about right now.
The ones I want to discuss are the uneducated, unthinking ones. Some are related to people I know, some are just loud and obnoxious so everyone hears them. They’ll take whatever agrees with their viewpoint from the media and run with it, arguing to the last even…

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Facepalm Jesus ALM

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Palaver Podcasts

Cord CoverSo, I played around with Youtube in order to record a blog post because (1) it would have been multiple long blog posts that I don’t have time to write at the moment and (2) why not? Here’s the post in the form of three videos that are really more audio than video since I do not do video editing.

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The Fly Cover

This week the crew finds itself still minus Becca thanks to the crazy world we live in right now. However, good friend of the show and familiar voice to the listeners Issac Cain stepped in to help John, Jerry, and Richard discuss 1986’s horror classic, The Fly.

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This week on The Assignment: Horror Podcast the gang is minus Becca  so John, Jerry, and Richard make a go of it on their own. Tonight’s pick is one of John’s favorite movies ever, 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers. From a weird dog face thing to a fantastic ending, there is a lot to talk about with this sci-fi/horror thriller.

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Con Cover

2020 is largely turning into the year without a fan convention. We saw a few conventions take place just after the New Year, but then the Big Bad Bug hit America’s shores and con after con started announcing their closures. If it wasn’t already apparent to everyone before it got to this point, the idea that this was going to be a year where fan gatherings had to fall to the needs of public health came when SDCC announced they were shutting their doors for 2020. 

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