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Now, I can tell I have you thinking two things here. First, you’re wondering what the Johnstown Monster is and, second, you’re wondering what mystery about it has been solved. A headline like this is the kind of thing you expect from a Nessie or Bigfoot site when writing their latest article about how they’ve solved the mystery of the monster’s identity and determined the Loch Ness Monster is an overweight eel that hasn’t had sex in over fifty years. This would not be that type of mystery solved article.

No, this is about a movie. This is about the identity of a movie I’ve been trying to find the identity of for decades now. The mystery for me was what was the name of the movie I watched many moons ago in my long-forgotten youth. The answer I have finally found is 1971’s The Johnstown Monster.

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The Changeling (1980)

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Cover ChangelingThis week on The Assignment: Horror Podcast, the gang takes a look at The Changeling from 1980 which was on John’s list. The list was posted on the Patreon for people to vote for and we had a tie so Richard was the tiebreaker and chose The Changeling! It’s a well-done ghost story that the gang has a great time discussing… Well, except for Jerry, listen to find out why!

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Medieval Land Fun-Time World

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Six years later, still the best thing to come out of Game of Thrones becoming such a big pop culture phenomena. Although, South Park’s ‘Black Friday’ trilogy was damned close to as good. 

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*** This was a lost article, originally done for Needless Things around WrestleMania week but purged from the archives when the site moved to WordPress and the older articles on the site were moved to Old Needless Things. Other than rewrites to eliminate references to it being WrestleMania weekend, this is largely the article as originally written. ***

A lot of people throw around the label of “the worst” when discussing some of the things that have happened in pro wrestling in the recent eras of the business. Certainly, WCW in its dying years gave us some real stinkers, TNA has given us some really bad moments when it’s been at its lowest, and WWE certainly hasn’t been immune from the four-finger stinker curse.  But there was once a match, a cage match to be precise, that should probably go down in wrestling history as the match where idea and execution collided to give us possibly both the worst gimmick idea for a match and the worst match in the history of professional wrestling. Despite popular opinion, it didn’t involve either Al Snow or a poor man’s Punjab prison mockup.

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The movie itself was controversial enough, but then the stories from the set began to circulate and the people behind the film were almost tried for murder. Not a review of the film, but a look at its making that, at a little over 2,000 words, only barely covers the insanity on the set.

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Cover.jpgOkay, let’s get this out of the way early just in case you get curious enough to track it down and give it a look. You might not ever want to watch this film. I recommend it to people if they want to see/feel the power of a film to gut punch you and sicken you. Sounds extreme? Think I’m joking? I’m not. I know people who will swear this film damn near traumatized them when they saw it without being warned of the contents, and even a few who said that afterward despite knowing what they were in for.

When this film comes up in these situations, a friend of mine likes to tell people at convention panels he’s on that this is a film most people who love film should see at least once if only to see one extreme of what film is capable of. I tend…

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A Few Brains More (2012)

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Bill Mulligan returns to the show as the crew finally gets around to talking about the sequel to Fistful of Brains, 2012’s A Few Brains More: Summer of Blood. But that’s not all! This time, he brought a guest- film costar Emlee Vassilos. The discussion gets as much about the trials, tribulations, and amazing fun that is independent, ultra low budget filmmaking. Enjoy the show by giving it a listen at its Soundcloud page or with the embedded player below.

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