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As I explained here in the first blog piece that I wrote about this topic, this partly grew out of my noticing that a lot of people who were craving shows (although usually with the idea of AM/FM radio shows) that catered to geek interests were often the ones who were completely unaware that there were a lot of very good shows out there in the form of podcasts. Not only are they good, but some are every bit as polished and professional as what you might expect from something on over the airwaves radio. Yeah, some are nothing more than guys sitting around a table chatting, and there’s nothing wrong with that when the chat is entertaining and informative, but some of them have all the bells and whistles that one might find with a “professional” show on the airwaves.

It also partly grew out of my attitude of what being a geek is. If you find something you like, if you find something you enjoy, tell others about it and spread the word. So that’s what I’m doing. However, before starting on a new batch of shows, I actually want to look at a couple of things going on with some I touched on in the first post on the topic.

The ESO Network got covered in nowhere near the level of detail the ever growing (it’s already gotten much larger in the number of popular shows carried than when I wrote about them) network would need to truly cover it all, but I tried to hit my favorite highlights. Since then, The White Rocket Podcast has done some shows that really deserve more ears on them.

White Rocket

They did a series of shows devoted to James Bond that any fan of any level of Bond fandom will love. White Rocket 055: Connery’s James Bond Films, White Rocket 056: The James Bond Films of Connery & Lazenby, White Rocket 058: Roger Moore’s James Bond Films, White Rocket 059: More Moore + Timothy Dalton: James Bond Films, White Rocket 063: Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond Films, White Rocket 064: Daniel Craig’s James Bond Films, and White Rocket 066: Ranking the Bond Villains made a fantastic series for Bond lovers of old as well as for newer fans only familiar with the more recent Daniel Craig films. These guys love Bond, and it really came through and made an entertaining look back on the franchise.

They’ve also released the fist show on what will be their overriding theme for this coming summer. In June, it will be 20 years since we lost the amazing fantasist Roger Zelazny. Starting with White Rocket 068: The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny, they’re kicking off their look at his works via the Summer of Zelazny on their podcast.

And that was on top of a great two-parter looking at sword and fantasy films like the Conan films, Krull, and the 13th Warrior.

These shows are available at the links provided, but they’re also available on iTunes for easy, convenient listening on the go wherever you want. That by the way is true of all of the podcasts to be discussed here.

And now, without further ado, some additional really great geek podcasts.


Up first is the Forgotten Horrors Podcast with (most often) John Wooley and Michael H. Price. They’ve been chugging along nicely for going on 4 years now. The shows are consistently entertaining and usually filled with nice little bits of trivia along the way. While they do cover things of the horror variety such as Eyes Without a Face, Dead Men Walk, and Attack of the Crab Monsters, they also hit exploitation cinema greats (Lows?) like The Pink Angels and Hollywood Boulevard.

The shows can be found on iTunes by searching “Forgotten Horrors Podcast” and on their podbeam site located here.


The Daily Grindhouse Podcast is a great one that’s sadly seen no new activity for just shy of a year now, but they have a nice back library both at their website and on iTunes. Even if nothing new comes down the pike from them, and that would be a bad thing, what they’ve done so far provides hours of entertainment for the exploitation cinema geeks out there. They looked back with (mostly) loving eyes on such so-bad-they’re-good classics as Megaforce, oddities as An American Hippie in Israel, ranges of exploitation classics like Reform School Girls and No Blade of Grass, lovable misfires like The Twilight People, and many more films with the odd interview here and there for good measure.

Solidly entertaining, it makes a great look back on these films for people who know them as well as those who have never seen them.

The podcasts can be found on iTunes and on their website here.


I’d recommend B-Movie Bargain Bin, but I’d recommend it with reservations. They describe at as two guys that watch and discuss B-movies, some good, some not so good. They can be entertaining when they get to talking about the films they cover, but they do occasionally kill a little too much time in the opening segments being silly. Sometimes that works, other times it just drags and you want to fast forward to the movie discussion. If you like the movies that they’re discussing, you’ll like the podcast. If you don’t, take a pass.

The B-Movie Bargain Bin can be found on iTunes.


I owe finding this bit of silliness to puppeteer extraordinaire Stacey Gordon raving about it earlier in the year. Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse hold court and make rulings on the sublime, the ridiculous, and the downright hysterical. Imagine The People’s Court with humor, and with cases covering the mundane in slyly humorous ways. The Judge hears both sides before ruling on topics such as wearing Hawaiian short pants, whether or not cereal is soup, a war over a Hulk parody Twitter account based on a real person, pickle relish, the paranormal, decorating your house with themed rooms devoted to movies like Frozen, and much more.

It’s really impossible to describe just how sublimely funny this podcast can be, so just give a few episodes a try by going to iTunes or the JJH website here.


Penn’s Sunday School is Penn Jillette talking about whatever strikes his fancy on any given weekend. Sometimes it’s entertainment, sometimes it’s politics, and sometimes it’s absolutely geek related, but it’s almost always entertaining. Penn Jillette of the team of Penn & Teller is not an unknown quantity here. You likely know him and know if you’ll find his show entertaining or not. For those on the fence, give it a try.

You can find the show on iTunes and at the website here.


Geeks love their geeky/nerdy debate, and that’s not always limited to the realms of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Sometimes they like their debate based in the real world. If you like things that get that part of your brain chugging along, then you’ll enjoy NPR’s Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates. Prominent editorialists, professionals, experts in various fields, and other practitioners of opining professionally are gathered together for civil and intelligent debate after debate on a wide range of topics from our times. The teams present their best case before a live audience, explaining pros and cons in the most understandable way possible, before having the audience vote on the outcome. Whether you agree or disagree with the audience’s final judgment, the debates are always thought provoking and almost never fail to add to your knowledge on any given subject of debate that you’re interested in.

You can find them on iTunes, at their website, and on Facebook.


Colt Cabana is a wrestler and a geek. As such, The Art of Wrestling is a podcast that covers all points in between the two things. He’s mostly going to be talking wrestling, and, frankly, that is a geek thing, but he also hits topics like movies and comics from time to time. But, yeah, this one is by far more for the wrestling geek than anyone else as that will be the majority of the conversation.

Cabana is an entertainer, and that comes out in the show. Fun to listen to, and really nice for listening to on long trips. The show can be found on iTunes and at Colt’s website here.


Chael Sonnen was the MMA fighter with the pro wrestling promo mouth who could talk his way into a title fight and talk the fans into the seats. His gift of gab, as well as his attitude and personality, are still intact on his Podcast One show, You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen. He talks with MMA fighters, pro wrestlers, actors, and anyone else who he can get into his guest seat. Sometimes the shows are informative, sometimes the shows are entertaining, and sometimes, as was the case with one show that had both Mickey Rourke and The Iron Sheik on as guests, more than a little… uhm… yeah. That was an interesting one.

You can find Chael’s shoe on iTunes and on this website.

Give them a try. See what you like. Check out the original post on the topic for still others (and for not quite as horror heavy options) that you might like. Then, go out and tell others about them. Share what you like with other.

Add your favorites here in the comments section below or in the comment sections of whatever social media platform you might see this in.

One of the great goofy films that will likely never see a proper release on home video at this point. A shame too since it has a lot of fun with some of the so-bad-they’re-good films of yesteryear. My look at it over on Needless Things.


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Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 1


Seriously, calm down, people. It’s like watching people step on a bunch of rakes over and over again and never figuring out that you need to stop putting the damned rakes down on the ground like that.

Standard Fan Overreaction 101

Keaton is Batman!?! The movie is ruined!!!
(Steps on rake.)
The movie was great! Well, greatish. But Keaton was great as Batman!!!

Alfred Molina is Doc Ock?!? What kind of villain is he going to make? How is he going to come off as threatening to Spider-Man?!?
(Steps on rake.)
Whoa… Molina was amazing! That was a great take on the character!

Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man? The film is ruined! He’ll destroy the film with his mugging and smirking! What was Marvel thinking?!? And, really, Iron Man??? Barely anyone cares about Iron Man. Marvel needs to use one of their a-list heroes for their big tent pole film, not some second stringer! This will bomb! Downey sucks and no one outside of the hardcore Marvel geeks cares about Iron Man!
(Steps on rake.)
Oh my god… Iron Man was awesome! Downey can’t leave the MCU!!!

Heath Ledger is the Joker? What the hell is wrong with Nolan?!? That’s not the Joker! What were they thinking with that design?!? That looks terrible!!! Nolan blew it! Nolan blew it!!
(Steps on rake.)
OMG! Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker! He made the film! Ledger better get a posthumous Oscar for that work!

The pre-release leaked photos from Thor look horrible! Asgard looks like it’s made out of plastic. The Destroyer looks ridiculous! Kenneth Branagh is ruining Thor! What was Marvel thinking?!?
(Steps on rake.)
Asgrad looks amazing! the Destroyer is awesome! Thor kicks ass!

I don’t know… Josh is an okay creator, but he’s not a big picture, big action movie kind of guy. Him doing Avengers?!? I just don’t know that this is going to work out that well.
(Steps on rake.)
That was the best superhero movie ever. E-V-E-R, people!

First Class? They’re totally messing up continuity. A reboot?!? We don’t need a reboot!!! This will suck worse than Wolverine: Origins did!
(Steps on rake.)
The best X-Men film to date. Hands down. Dripping with awesome sauce.

Guardians of the Galaxy?!? Who? What? Marvel’s Star Wars/Firefly? Ah man, this is going to be Marvel’s first big bomb. This is going to be Marvel’s first big misstep. No one cares about a team that they’ve never heard of. Marvel thinks their stuff doesn’t stink and they can just slap the Marvel label on anything and people will see it, but this one will backfire on them big time.
(Steps on rake.)
This is the best movie of the year! This is the best Marvel movie they’ve made other than Avengers! OMG was this movie filled with awesome sauce!!!

Daredevil looks strange in black. OMG, have you seen the last minute ad with the final costume? That looks so cheap! I’m not sure this show is going to be as good as the Marvel movies have been…
(Steps on rake.)
Daredevil set the new bar for superhero shows. This is better than Arrow! It’s out-Batmaning Gotham!! The actual Daredevil outfit when he finally dons it looks amazing!!!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 2
Look at these leaked photos of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad! We have no idea when and where in this film these are from! We have no context for the scene these are from! But, my god, they’ve completely f’d her up! This sucks! The film will suck! I hate them! I’m not seeing this film! They’ve ruined the character! They’ve ruined the film!!!
(Steps on rake?)
Well, too early to tell really, but come on… Leaked photos from who knows when in the film’s story and under who knows what circumstances for the character with rumors that were already out there that Harley (amongst other characters in the film) may sport more than one look. Are the photos we’ve now seen her in her primary outfit? Are they from a scene where Harley is snatched up while in her home/lair and she grabbed whatever she could grab quickly? Were these photos taken from the beginning, the middle, or the end of the film? We have no idea or context for what we’re seeing.

But, dear lord… Last night’s social media feed was filled with some of the most ridiculous and overwrought fan gnashing of teeth and carrying on about how the entire film is ruined and they’ve gotten Harley completely wrong. I mean, there were people that were writing like they were seething with fury and demanding that anyone who might like this design cannot be “real” fans of the character or of comics. And everyone absolutely knew that these out of context, zero real info photos meant that the movie was blown, ruined, and horrible.

You know, just like Keaton was going to ruin Batman. Just like Downey was going to ruin Iron Man and no one cared about seeing a second stringer like him on the big screen anyhow. Just like Thor was going to look god awful as a film since all the sets looked like plastic and the Destroyer looked so terrible. Just like Ledger was a disaster waiting to happen as the Joker. Just like no one cared about the guaranteed bomb/first major misstep by Marvel that was Guardians of the Galaxy. Just like… Well, you get the idea.

And I could easily make a list fifty times the size of the one above.

Geekdom, calm it down a notch or three. Seriously, it would be one thing seeing this from geeks in their early teens, but this is coming from geeks old enough to know better and who have stepped on all or almost all of the above rakes over the years. Look, I know we suffer from First World Problems to the nth degree sometimes, but, guys, seriously, for your own good, calm down. Some of you look like you’re literally jacking your blood pressure through the roof and blowing your gasket over photos that you have absolutely no contextual knowledge or information about whatsoever.

And, in some cases, some of you can’t even seem to figure out if you’re gripe is the costume or not. It’s the costume! Well, wait, I’m changing that due to responses! It’s not the costume, it’s the hair and tats! Wait… It’s… uhm… The movie will suck! I haven’t seen the first scene of it, but my crystal ball knows!!!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn 3


Relax guys. We’re geeks. We’re supposed to be the smart(ish) ones. Learn from past jumping of the gun mistakes already. There are only so many times you can engage in uninformed, zero information gnashing of teeth and rakes to face activity before it’s one too many times to take anything you say on matters like this seriously.

And, really… Complaining that they got her costume wrong when Harley has been in more of a flux state with regards to her costumes in her (relatively) short existence than just about any other character that’s been around since she was created AND her costume for the film (or at least what’s she’s wearing in the scene shown in the leaked photos) looks like a mix of several of her existing costumes? Are you trying to look goofy?

Look, I’ll grant you that a lot of studios haven’t exactly earned themselves the level of fan trust that Marvel has (yet people once again gnash teeth over Ant-Man as they did with Guardians of the Galaxy and some did with Iron Man and Thor) with regards to superhero films. If anything, yeah, a few studios seem to be working at giving us reason to wonder about them. But, guys, wondering or being cautious with expectations isn’t the same as losing your mind and carrying on for ten-plus hours or more on social media about how angry you are that they’ve ruined the character, ruined the film, totally blown it, and just pissed you and the “real fans” off while having (essentially) absolutely nothing to base that on. Again, for your own mental health, calm it down a notch. Feel free to temper your expectations a bit. Feel free to cite concern over the appearance of the initial direction of the film from what we’ve seen so far. But the seething hate/rage from the last 24 hours in some quarters? It’s a film. It’s not worth getting your blood-pressure up so high over such a small amount of actual, in context information. Stop being a Sideshow Bob already.

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It’s not just how we get our television that’s changing, it’s how we view what television is as a storytelling medium. There’s at least one aspect of this evolution that I’m very happy about, and I explained what it is in my latest over at Needles Things.