“White Rage”

Posted: June 27, 2021 in History, News, Politics
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There are a lot of people in the conservative punditry who want you to know they’re very upset about the term “white rage” being used on television the other day and their many followers are just as angry about it.

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con·​spir·​a·​cy | \ kən-ˈspir-ə-sē \
plural conspiracies
Definition of conspiracy
1: the act of conspiring together
They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
2a: an agreement among conspirators
uncovered a conspiracy against the government
b: a group of conspirators
a conspiracy made up of disgruntled aristocrats

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Over the last decade, I’ve worked with various other individuals on several fandom and geek sites and a few podcasts. While I enjoyed working on the various websites and digital media projects, they all ultimately ended with me more or less back where I was when I started. As such, I’m going to be changing my approach in future.

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Originally Published June 7, 2020 for Palaver Productions.

Cord Cover

So, I played around with Youtube in order to record a blog post because (1) it would have been multiple long blog posts that I don’t have time to write at the moment and (2) why not? Here’s the post in the form of three videos that are really more audio than video since I do not do video editing.

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Whatever Gets My Geek On

Back in 2011, Rowan Bettjeman, Alan Morrison, and Adam King- under the group name of Viva La Dirt League -started doing short comedy skits for their YouTube channel centered around the things they loved. Their short comedy skits have largely been focused on video games over the years, however they have also created videos poking fun at things like the mundane world of working in a computer store.

As their library of videos grew and the variety of material expanded, so too did their cast of regular contributors and the characters they played. most notably with longtime regulars Britt Scott Clark,Ben Van Lier, and Ellie Harwood. Out of all of their creations, the one most people were likely to find first was the long running series, Epic NPC Man. It’s also with the characters and settings of this series the creators behind Viva La Dirt League decided to launch…

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Whatever Gets My Geek On

When Netflix announced its slate of Marvel shows way back when, fandom got excited. The MCU was firing on all cylinders at the box office and the prospect of getting MCU connected television shows featuring Marvel heroes in between film releases had fans of the MCU giddy. Unfortunately, while we got some great shows, the reality of the Netflix/Marvel deal ultimately gave us shows that meant nothing to the actual MCU.

That wouldn’t be the case when Disney announced plans to premiere TV shows on its new streaming service, Disney+, as a part of the reason to sign on for the service. It was made clear that the shows would be connected to the wider MCU and, more importantly, the events in the small screen shows would have an impact on the stories we would see on the big screen. This time, the promise was true. First WandaVision and then

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RavenCon Summer Concert

Posted: June 17, 2021 in Uncategorized

RavenCon Summer Concert

Sunday, August 8th, Noon-5 pm

Virginia Crossings Hotel, Tapestry Collection by Hilton


James Randi

Posted: October 21, 2020 in Uncategorized
The Lights Have All Been Turned Off for the Year

It’s late Monday evening as I write this. Dragon Con 2020 is (largely) in the books. There’s still a lot of content out there on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo that there was just no way to work in enough time for over the last few days. So, there’s still some Dragon Con 2020 to enjoy during this next week. But as far as the Roku, DCTV Dragon Con Goes Virtual stream, and a few other platforms carrying the live feeds this weekend are concerned, Dragon Con Goes Virtual has gone dark tonight.

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