When looking over Steven Moffat’s own words on the era of the Seventh Doctor, he rarely has much nice to say about it. That’s kind of interesting since so much of that Doctor’s run seems to have been the template for his time as the Doctor Who showrunner. This seems to largely hold true when looking at the Moffat era Doctors and even when comparing some startling similarities between one of the favorite classic Who companions and one of the least favorite modern Who companions.  

Dragon Con Horror and HNR

Everyone has their two great tastes that taste great together moments. Well, we’ll all be getting to enjoy one of those moments this coming Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This particular version of rich chocolate plunging into creamy peanut butter is going to be in the form of the Grue Crew of Horror News Radio/Decades of Horror descending upon Dragon Con 2016 and landing in the Dragon Con Horror Track as panelists.

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ParadeEveryone loves a parade. Dragon Con has one. You may have seen me mention that here before.

Well, there’s some interesting news about the 2016 Dragon Con Parade that just broke the other day that anyone who is going to Dragon Con this year, anyone who can’t go this year but loves the parade, and/or anyone who has never been but is curious might want to know about.

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Flash Gordon NBC

One of the great (for one season at least) sci-fi, daring-do Saturday morning cartoons of all time. Why isn’t it getting the recognition and fan love it deserves when people look back with nostalgia on the kid shows and cartoons of that era? I don’t know, but I’m hoping to help get that situation rectified.

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Newspaper Ads

He was a jaded, sarcastic reporter who was looking at a career as a newspaperman that was in serious decline. He had an abrasive attitude- complaining about a myriad of things and butting heads with anyone who disagreed with him -that would probably grate on anyone who had to spend time with him on a regular basis. Yet, somehow, likely due in large part to Darren McGavin’s portrayal of the character, he’s one of the most beloved characters from television’s history for a huge number of genre fans.

“I promised I’d show up with a haircut, a new hat, and pressed suit… but I lie a lot.”

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DC at 30

We are officially less than two month away. The countdown clock is in that zone where it seems to speed up, and in the time it takes to blink you’ve gotten five days closer. Let’s talk a few steps you might want to be taking about now; especially if you’re newer to Dragon Con.

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The Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines came out last week as a part of the fallout over the Axanar project. But some of the changes in fandom that may have contributed to this being a “final straw” moment by the powers that be aren’t all in the camp of the fan film filmmakers. Some of these changes should have been very big, very bright warning signs to fandom that this was coming though. What’s worse for the fan film guys and gals, I don’t think it’s going to get better from here.