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Random thoughts on various topics. Brock, Roman, Flash, King King, Godzilla, Dragon Con, documentaries on kidnapped filmmakers. It’s all here.


Quatermass and the Pitt.

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A future dictator who was a film buff, a famous director and his movie star wife, an entire film crew who had no idea what they were really being hired to do or who was really hiring them, an at best okay film made amazingly more interesting to watch the more you learn about its creation, and a story that seems almost unreal.


Hail Hydra

The internet is going nuts (and not in a good way) while Marvel… well… Marvel isn’t exactly helping things. A lot of people in fandom need to get their heads screwed on straight.

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Brain Damage

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Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune (4)How big of an impact can a film that was never made have? How about changing the look of American film sci-fi? Come learn about how that happened, and about a vision for an unmade film that has kept people talking about it for over forty years now.

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It’s an election year, so once again coal and coal workers have become political capital. Once again- wash, rinse, repeat -the tired old garbage is getting dragged out in the political debates as coal miners and their families are propped up in front of news cameras. For this go round’s fun and games we have Hillary backtracking on some comments and trying to sugarcoat other comments that should probably be delivered more directly while Trump stands on the opposite side of the fence falsely promising that under his Presidency we’d see those coal jobs roaring back.

What we need are politicians that will actually be dead straight honest on the matter. As hard as that may be to find, what may be even harder to find will be the audiences honest enough to actually listen. Why will the second part be so much harder than the first? Because people don’t like hard truths; especially when they mean turning the world they know upside down.

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