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Support Independent Creators – Brett Mullen (and Crew)

Brett Mullen's Bombshell Bloodbath

<p><a href=”″>Bombshell Bloodbath (2014)- EXTENDED TRAILER</a> from <a href=””>Brett Mullen</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Writer/Director Brett Mullen’s new Italian Style Zombie Splatter film “Bombshell Bloodbath”, is Influenced by works of Lucio Fulci (Zombi 2) and Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City), “Bombshell Bloodbath” resonates Fabio Frizzi styled tracks from Kansas City artist Matt Hill (UMBERTO) and boatloads of gore by Joh Harp FX.

Also soon to be available here-

Bombshell Bloodbath on Netflix

Support Independent Creators – Jaysen Buterin (and Crew)

Hot Pink

Mad Ones Films gives us this crazy little gem of grindhouse throwback goodness called The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets, & Hot Pink Jesus.

The film is actually three separate stories, or acts, combined to create one feature length presentation. The three stories, T(I) he Missionary Man, (II) Have Faith, Will Travel, and (III) A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves tell three distinct stories following different events, but all are unified by the presence of a legendary artifact- The Hot Pink Jesus.

Born in an act of bloody violence, the Hot Pink Jesus is said to give those who posses it certain abilities that are most advantageous to the dirty denizens of society’s underbelly. As such, people, mostly violent people, want it, and there’s very often a great deal of blood spilled to get it.

If you like your grindhouse down and dirty with a bit of an old school, pulpy flavor, you’ll love this. HPJ is well written and enjoyably stylized in the direction. I’ve seen the name “Tarantino” thrown around by some when discussing Jaysen Buterin’s directorial style, but I don’t quite agree. It’s there, but if I had to make comparisons to others his visual style reminds me of what you might get if you tossed the best of Robert Rodriguez, Ringo Lam, and John Woo into a blender with a bit of Tarantino garnish as a finisher. In truth though, his style is uniquely his own, and well worth checking out.

You can find the film, and Mad Ones Films’ other works, here.

Support Independent Creators – Krista Cagg

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The Milan Job - The William's Hunt book 1

Book Description
Publication Date: April 21, 2014

Meet Captain Alexandria de Sade, the proud and once loyal captain of Naviwerks chrono-ship #25. When she learned the truth about how the company was fleecing their customers she turned her back on the promotion they offered her, left the man she loved without a word, and disappeared with her ship.

With a plan in mind to undermine Naviwerks’ business of artifact and heirloom retrieval, Captain Alex hired on several like-minded misfits to crew her chrono-ship which she re-christened The William’s Hunt. They are: An awkward but genius Horotech, an irascible ex-marine, a flamboyant playboy, a churlish physician, and a hot-shot pilot.

Their first venture: go to Milan, Italy 1490 and retrieve the working model of Leonardo da Vinci’s Gran Cavallo before Naviwerks does. What should have been a simple snatch and run mission for the newly formed band of pirates goes south nearly immediately. In their struggle to recover, they learn that there is much more behind Naviwerks’ actions. Captain Alex and the crew of The William’s Hunt are the only ones that stand a chance of putting things right,and it seems as if her crew’s every step takes them deeper and deeper into discovering just how nefarious Naviwerks truly is.

All five of the monthly episodes of the maiden voyage of The William’s Hunt are collected here in The Milan Job! Follow Captain Alex, Laurence Kane, Geri Reynolds, Nigel Wellington, Dr. Hennessey, and Angel Flynn as they try to stay one step ahead of Naviwerks and Agent Nash, all the while making a grab for the swag that will keep The William’s Hunt in operation.

RIP Leonard – You Left Us With So Many Great Memories

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On a World Strangely Devoid of Vampires, We Found the Planet of the Vampires

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A look back at the classic Bava horror in space epic Planet of the Vampires. Click the link to see the rest at the Needless Things website.

Planet of the Vampires

Seen That? Try This- Lake Mungo

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This series is going to look at the movies that are out there that don’t make everyone’s list every year and that some of you may have overlooked in the annual avalanche of horror DVDs on the market.

Today we look at Lake Mungo.

Lake Mungo Promo

Lake Mungo is a wonderful little horror film that seems to have been overlooked by a lot of people out there. The film is an Australian production that was packaged and shown here in the states as a part of one of the annual After Dark Film Festivals.

The problem with that is that After Dark has acquired a rep with many horror fans of having a lot of films that fall somewhere between being sort of okay to being a really bad, Syfy original horror level films. The reason that this reputation is a problem is that a lot of people out there then tend to miss any roses growing among all of those weeds. Well, Lake Mungo ain’t no weed. It’s a certifiable rose and worth hunting down.

Lake Mungo isn’t a straightforward movie. It was shot as a fake documentary about the death of a young woman named Alice Palmer. Alice drowns while swimming during a family outing to Ararat, Australia. Once the grieving family comes home, strange things begin to happen.

Lake Mungo - Alice's Mother Interviewed

Enter the documentary filmmaker, a psychic, and the meat of the film. The “documentary” uncovers signs of haunting, determining that Alice is apparently not at rest, and her spirit is now haunting the family home. The filmmakers give us a nice look at the family and the evidence of the haunting with a very leisurely paced approach. Some people might think that’s a bad thing, but they use that pace to create a very palpable feeling of unease in the viewer, building the tension so carefully you don’t initially realize that it’s affecting you.

If there’s one problem with the pace and the approach to the story, it’s that this film might actually be hurt by being seen at home on a TV versus being seen in a movie theater. It’s not that the film is a visual spectacle with FX work that benefits from the big screen experience; far from it actually. The reason is that this film jerks the viewers’ chains a bit.

Lake Mungo - A Ghost in the Shadows

For over the first half of the film, the fake documentary takes its own sweet time in giving you a look at the family, the tragedy around Alice’s death, and the haunting itself. It then takes an unexpected turn that I can’t tell you about here as it’s a major spoiler. But, suffice it to say, a lot of people might want to stop watching the film at that point.

Now, I didn’t stop watching. I wanted to, but someone I trust recommended the film to me while it was still streaming on Netflix, and they told me to watch it until the end no matter what I might otherwise want to do when I hit roughly the film’s midpoint. Good advice, as the twist comes off as a major WTF moment where you suddenly feel like the filmmakers have yanked the rug out from under you and wasted your time with an all too cutesy attempt to be too clever by half where no such stunt is needed or welcome.

My advice to you is the same as my friend’s was to me. Keep watching the thing when feel that you’ve hit that point.

As the revelation from the twist crashes down on the entire family and seemingly sets the film wildly off course, yet another revelation is discovered by the family in the fallout. The film, still in its fake documentary format, changes course to now focus on Alice’s secrets and the effect that those secrets have on her family.

Lake Mungo - Alice Before

Again, you get slowly drawn into the story with the feelings of unease and tensions grow within you more and more. Once they have you back on that hook, once they’ve taken you where they wanted you to be, the filmmakers drop the hammer on you. The final revelation of the film is so amazingly simple but so amazingly effective. One of the final images of the film, a picture of a smiling family juxtaposed against a recorded statement of Alice’s, has a powerful little kick to it as well.

I’ll be completely honest with you here despite the fact that many will find this hilariously wimpy of me. And I can be honest about this because (1) I still know can go toe to toe with just about anyone when it comes to watching extreme horror, and (2) I know I’m far from alone in having this reaction to the film.

I watched Lake Mungo at the recommendation of another officer after getting off shift one night, and I was home alone as the wife and kids had gone out of town for the weekend. I started the movie, I watched the movie, the credits rolled, the little Netflix screen popped back up on the TV, and I then did about a six episode bender of South Park with all the lights on as I could not fall asleep right after watching Lake Mungo to save my life. I then went into work the next day and threatened to beat senseless the guy who recommended that I watch the thing after work.

Lake Mungo - Ghost in the House

My coworker, a guy who watches some of the most extreme horror films out there, then told me that he had had the same reaction to the film that I did, and that the guy who recommended it to him admitted to him after he watched it to having the same reaction as well. I’ve recommended this film to a number of friends, family, and coworkers since then, and easily three or four out of every five of them has the same reaction.

Lake Mungo is not a gorefest of a film. Lake Mungo is not filled with action, slashing, blood, guts, multiple heavy FX (practical or CGI) shots every few minutes towards the climax of the film or any of the things you see in 90% of the horror films out there these days. What Lake Mungo does have is meticulously well crafted filmmaking designed to get under your skin and into your head in the most subtle ways. Then it just pops that tension it’s been building in you and leaves you a sitting there debating with yourself exactly how many lights you should leave on when you try to go to sleep that night. Lake Mungo is a horror film that disturbs you on levels well beyond the simple shock and gore levels, and it was designed to scare you in ways that are far more complicated and complex to pull off than just having someone suddenly jump into a shot and yell boo.

Lake Mungo is a horror film. Lake Mungo is a horror film in the truest sense of the word. It’s also a film that, if you’ve not seen it, is worth tracking down and seeing in place one of your well-worn, regularly watched horror movies.

Lake Mungo can be found for sale and rent through the usual websites and dealers.

Lake Mungo


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