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If you were alive, awake, and politically aware back in the days of Obama’s presidency, you probably remember more than a few Republicans and conservatives breathlessly warning us about the evils that the Obama administration wanted to inflict upon America. The lists of crimes and evils they would natter on about was long and impressive and, frankly, more than a little scary if they had actually been telling the truth. But they weren’t telling the truth about Obama and the things he wanted to do to America and, as with so many other things, once the Republicans and conservatives were given enough time they proved that all their warnings were just them projecting their desires onto others and, as is typical with them, they were actually warning us about what they wanted to do.

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I can’t even…

Okay, this is one of the- what sometimes feels like many -ways far-left progressives make themselves look foolish to anyone not living in the same echo chamber bubble they spend most of their time in. It’s unfortunately also an example of the far left playing a game where they take a legitimate historical event and use it in a way that undercuts and weakens the example when it’s legitimately used by someone else.

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To get the first(ish) part of this story, go here to We’ll Just Call Him “JR”, a post written on August 29, 2021 about posts that had been going to moderation and then the spam folder during the week prior. I specifically cite the date here for a reason. Today is October 2, 2021. He’s still going, steadily filling up the spam folder right up to this last hour; over a month since his first attempt at posting here.

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Quite some few, or even many at this point, years ago, a former acquaintance of mine was, as he had done many times and would do many more times on a particular forum, ranting away about how disingenuous the Pro-Choice crowd was because they, with the help of the MSM, had gotten everyone to call them Pro-Choice. It was dishonest, he ranted and raved, because they weren’t pro-choice but rather pro-abortion. Several people pointed out that, no, it was a completely accurate name for the movement because, despite the best mischaracterizations of the conservative media, the people in the Pro-Choice movement were, in fact, pro-choice. Any number of people who believed in a woman’s right to choose might not, in fact, ever choose to have an abortion themselves or even personally be against the idea of ever having one. They also wouldn’t, if asked by a friend for advice, promote abortion as a first or even second option to people. But, it was an option and one they believed women should have available and women should be able to make their own choice.

Thus, prochoice rather than proabortion.

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Dear Facebook, WTF is Wrong with You?

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Facebook was taking some heat from a lot of organizations- some private, some political -a few years back for allowing itself to become a tool for hate groups to organize as well as for allowing some users to routinely engage in what was clearly hate speech. Over the last year and a half, Facebook started taking heat from many of the same organizations over the platform being used to promote false health information where COVID and vaccinations were concerned. The Facebook powers that be promised they were going to step up and address these issues in a proper and responsible manner.

I don’t know if they’re simply inept or they’re intentionally doing what they can to mess up like a tantruming child, but, either way, their definitions of proper and responsible need a lot of work.

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Conventions in the Age of COVID

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Whatever Gets My Geek On

Last weekend we had a lot of conventions- including a few big ones -open their doors to attendees for the first time since 2019. Some of them went forward with a lot of changesbecause of COVID. While it appears, for now, that the reactions from fandom are largely leaning to the positive, there were, of course, some people that felt like these events should not have even been allowed to happen and going forward with any medium to large convention was reckless and unconscionable.

I’d like to address that.

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Whatever Gets My Geek On

Okay, here’s a request for anyone who went to Dragon Con this weekend or, for that matter, anyone who went to any other fan gathering recently or will soon be going to one.

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