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*** This was a lost article, originally done for Needless Things around WrestleMania week but purged from the archives when the site moved to WordPress and the older articles on the site were moved to Old Needless Things. Other than rewrites to eliminate references to it being WrestleMania weekend, this is largely the article as originally written. ***

A lot of people throw around the label of “the worst” when discussing some of the things that have happened in pro wrestling in the recent eras of the business. Certainly, WCW in its dying years gave us some real stinkers, TNA has given us some really bad moments when it’s been at its lowest, and WWE certainly hasn’t been immune from the four-finger stinker curse.  But there was once a match, a cage match to be precise, that should probably go down in wrestling history as the match where idea and execution collided to give us possibly both the worst gimmick idea for a match and the worst match in the history of professional wrestling. Despite popular opinion, it didn’t involve either Al Snow or a poor man’s Punjab prison mockup.



Things have been a wee bit crazy of late. As such, I’ve been neglecting my writing here as well as keeping up with posting podcasts I’m a part of here. So, one post with a lot of podcast links. They’ll be a few extra podcasts included as well.



The last time I posted a PWR show I was on, I mentioned it was the last time I would be on PWR as a regular contributor. That was because, starting with this show, I’m an official co-host doing the show on a regular basis.
This week’s show- The Brian Pillman Jr Interview