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Today we’re going to look at something enjoyably chilling for the younger horror geeks out there. Now, before you older horror geeks tune out, 1977’s Children of the Stones, unlike many other other younger viewer productions made for scares, isn’t a story that the older set will have trouble viewing all the way through to the end. It never dumbs down its content. The direction and music are still quite effective, and the story could very easily have been only slightly retooled and recast in order to be passed off as a more adult series. Indeed, I’ve heard the thing referred to by some British horror critics as The Wicker Man for the pre-teen and teenage set. Indeed, I still see people who are familiar with it referencing it as still being one of the scariest TV experiences they ever had.

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Netflix Effect

Years ago, back in the dark days before cable, streaming services, and digital downloads, a couple of TV shows died in the ratings. One languished for a while before finally getting canceled. One went damned near unwatched during its first season- causing network heads worry about its likely failure as a series. It’s kind of funny looking back on the early years of the two shows and seeing that now. The first, Star Trek, became one of the biggest television properties of all time. The second, M*A*S*H, became one of the most popular television series ever aired.