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Bruce Campbell:
   Actor, director, writer, producer and a number of other miscellaneous credits… A blast to watch on film and, from every fan’s account from conventions and every pro’s account from the set, a really down to Earth, great guy.
   Happy Birthday, “Ash”. Thanks for some of my favorite cheesy-fun moments. Hopefully, there are still many, many more to come.

Where I’ve Been…

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Life

  Nowhere really. I’ve just been busy. I’ve posted the odd post on other people’s blogs, I’ve been working, I’ve filled  trash bags with pages ripped out of notebooks from where I was starting and restarting stories, I’ve burned who knows how much energy doing the same thing on the computer and I’ve been trying to not screw up bringing up a baby bigfoot.

 Gimme My Lego Blocks

   Yup. That’s the one. He’s moving around a lot more than he was 11 months ago. It’s much more difficult to keep up with him now. And the trick of just putting him in his swing chair and watching him zonk out for an hour or more just doesn’t work the way it used to. For starters the damned chair shrunk. We used to be able to just plop his butt in it and turn it on. Now his butt wouldn’t even fit the chair. How in the hell does metal shrink like that?


   He’s also trying to eat everything he gets his hands on right now. Dirt, grass, dog hair, the cats’ ears, the cats’ tails, pickles, the couch, etc. oh, and he also likes eating mommy and daddy’s knees, ears and fingers.

   Add all of that up plus about 1000 other things and it equals my being very, very tired almost all of the time. My brain doesn’t work and my body barely does. I’ve gotta be doing something wrong as a parent since most other parents I’ve known never seemed quite as dead as Jenn and I almost always do these days. I’m too dead to think, too dead to write and too dead to move half the time.


    But then he pulls on my leg, looks at me with that look and I end up on the floor playing with toys and watching Big, Big World or Disney’s Robin Hood until it’s time to go to work. Well, that and changing that special diaper he saves for me after giving Jenn his fist stinky of the day as a wake up reward.

   I’m going to be dead by next year.