Ignore the SJW and PC brigades. Dress up as whatever you want for Halloween.

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Holidays, Life, Politics
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Elizabeth Geisha

So here we are less than a week out from the big night and the PC Police and the SJW clowns are ramping up the stupid on social media. They’re posting selfies of themselves holding up Halloween items with disapproving looks on their faces or they’re recycling memes filled with disapproving people from prior Octobers. All of it because they don’t like certain Halloween costumes they’ve taken it upon themselves to define as socially unacceptable and offensive.

Guys, seriously, get over yourselves.

This particular branch of SJW stupidity has been brewing for some time now, but it got a decided social media boost a few years ago when a group of University of Ohio students decided to “raise awareness” of the nonissue around the “offensiveness” of costumes like Indian braves and such. They did this with a series of posters and memes featuring someone doing their best Grumpy Cat look while holding a picture of a costume that has words of admonishment typed on it. Here’s an example.


Bless her heart… I’ll address this example specifically.

You know, you’ve got to have a fairly thin skin and/or dulled down IQ to look at someone dressed as a geisha and feel that it’s somehow representing you. It’s a costume that someone wanted to have fun with for Halloween, that’s it. Even if you’re of Japanese descent, it really has nothing to do with you or how people see you as an individual or Japanese culture as a whole. It makes about as much sense for someone like our poster girl above to have a hissy fit at or find offense in someone dressed as a geisha, a ninja, or a samurai as me having a hissy fit or finding offense in someone not descended from “their culture” dressing up as an Old West era riverboat showgirl, a cowboy, a knight, a 1930’s mobster, etc. That would be to say, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Here’s the thing that the thin skinned, overly sensitive, and ready to leap at any chance to declare a sense of being offended PC Police and SJW brigades need to understand. It’s not about you. Really, it’s not about you. If someone is walking around in a costume that looks like a stylized something or another from the history of a country you claim some lineage from, it’s still not about you. That person who never met you wearing that costume? They didn’t suddenly see you one day and think to themselves that you embodied “X” to them and they wanted to pretend to be you for Halloween. It may deflate your ego a bit, but do try to realize that the thousands of people dressing up as whatever it is you claim offends you don’t know who the hell you are and really don’t give a shit about you at all. They’re also not so stupid as to believe a geisha costume represents the beginning, middle, and end of the entire Japanese culture.

Really, you look stupid pouting and whining about this garbage. The costume that so offends your special snowflake sensibilities may be of a culture you have a connection to and may based on something from a specific aspect of that culture, but no one but you in your moment of special outrage is claiming that it’s viewed as representing you and/or the entire culture and people of that culture as a whole. Look, I know a guy who’s New Zealand Polynesian. A few years ago he dressed up as an old English highwayman for Halloween- although more due to being a huge Adam Ant and Voltaire fan than liking old England’s highwaymen. No one was ignorant enough to flip their lids because he was “appropriating a culture” or stupid enough to think he was making assumptions or statements about them and/or an entire culture.

It was a costume. It was something worn for a few parties running up to Halloween for a bit of fun and a laugh. Amazingly, everyone without an axe to grind or a desire to find something to be offended over was able to see it as such with no issue whatsoever.

Beyond that, well, your mindless need to follow the PC bandwagon and to a degree your hypocrisy is hurting the credibility of the claims and cries of many of you. See, none of you complaining and being outraged and offended because a white guy dressed up as a Mongolian warrior can articulate anything close to a reasonable explanation as to why that’s horrible and wrong while an Asian guy dressing up as an English knight is in your worldview just fine and dandy and not at all the same kind of thing. See, it is the exact same thing, but those of us without PC/SJW axes to grind don’t have a problem with either of them having fun on Halloween whereas you have to create overly convoluted bits of mental gymnastics to come up with a reason why the exact same thing isn’t really the same thing and how only one is horribly offensive while the other is great.

Your position on the matter is made even more laughable given who some of you are and what you say and do the rest of the year. See, when Halloween rolls around you mindlessly follow the PC/SJW directive that rolls out this time of year saying some white college kid dressing up in a ninja costume is cultural appropriation and wrong, wrong, wrong. The rest of the year though? Well, a lot of you I’ve seen posting this crap across social media are cosplayers or people who support cosplayers. The rest of the year, when you’re not following the PC/SJW Halloween directive, you’re dressing up as characters from other cultures and screaming from the rooftops that it’s wrong, wrong, wrong to make negative comments about cosplayers or to try to restrict cosplayers with regards to their cosplays based on their body type, age, skin color, or nationality versus those of the character they’re choosing to cosplay. Still others who are not cosplayers can be seen championing the right of cosplayers you support to do whatever cosplay they want to do despite such differences.

You know, just so long as it’s not on October 31st apparently.

Now, I can see the argument you’re going to throw out here coming from a mile away. You’re going to cherry-pick the various cosplays out there and say that I’m an idiot for thinking that a Shaolin Monk, a real thing from real history, is the same as a Japanese robot pilot from a piece of speculative fiction set in the far future. Well, two things here.

The first and less important of the two things is that on a basic level it kind of is the same thing. If one of the foundations of your “cultural appropriation” angle is that it’s wrong for some white skinned American to dress up as an Asian, then it is the same thing to a degree. You have the same thing both times. Likewise, you have the same basic concept when any person of a specific skin color and race chooses to cosplay any character not of their specific skin color and race.

The second thing, and the more important of the two, is that cosplays aren’t all about the speculative fiction of the far future. A lot of the stories that have become popular and created characters that have become popular cosplays are set in contemporary settings or even in historical setting that are grounded by some realistic designs from that era. Maybe some of the dress style or weaponry is off by a few decades or more, but it’s still stuff that can be found in a history book.

You have characters that are designed to look like they’re dressing and appearing in a manner that a segment of a particular culture dressed and appeared at some point in that culture’s history. Yet none of the mindless followers of the PC/SJW Halloween bandwagon who are also cosplayers or cosplay supporters are out there the rest of the year screaming from the rooftops that doing these specific cosplays are as wrong, wrong, wrong as dressing up for Halloween as a tattooed Māori Warrior while not having any Māori ancestry.

Look, here’s the basic concept for you. If you don’t like a costume, don’t wear it yourself. As far as the rest of us are concerned? We don’t care why you don’t like it. We don’t care if your objections are that you find it offensive or if you simply think that shade of blue doesn’t look good on you. We certainly don’t care if the reason is that you want to be sour, dour, whiny, self-important, self-righteous idiots living in the made-up world you’ve constructed where microaggressions are everywhere and you can’t figure out that some college girl dressing up as a genie is in no way about you or the culture that you’re likely multiple generations removed from. You know what else? We absolutely don’t care why you don’t think we should be wearing it because, guys, it ain’t about you.

Get over yourselves, learn to stop looking for reasons to be offended, and get on with your life already.


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