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Earlier this week the news broke that we had lost one of the great film composers of our time. James Horner, the man who created the music that will be forever wed to some of our fondest movie memories died in a plane crash on Monday, June 22nd. He was 61.


Ashley (8)

Life is full of those moments where sometimes you can’t believe it when you learn that the person involved with ‘X’ was also the same person who used to be known for ‘Y’ all those years ago. Life is also full of stories about someone being in the right place at the right time to have a major impact on something that no one would have ever thought that they would have had anything to do with, let alone have any impact on. In the case of the late John Ashley, you have one man for whom both of these things are true. Sadly, while he’s known to some in genre, he should probably be more widely recognized by many than he currently is.


There are so many more words that could be said about the man. I could have easily gone on another 10,000 words. An icon, a legend, and a talent that will be greatly missed.





Been a rough week since getting home, so this maybe didn’t get the “fun” aspect across as well as it could have. Let me be absolutely clear here, Concarolinas is an awesome little growing convention. The hiccups are minor, the growing pains are natural and found in every growing convention, and they are far outweighed by the fun to be had at the con. This is a wonderful little convention that I would recommend without hesitation to con newbies and the experienced convention-goers alike.

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