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Cache Me if You Can

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           ***** Now the winner of best film at the ConCarolinas Short Film Festival. *****

Cache Me if You Can is an interesting film to try and review. Cache Me if You Can was conceived as a horror film and is executed as such, but the horror is by design not present in the early parts of the film or even truly built to until the very end.



Mother is a short film from Sick Chick Flicks that is currently doing the film festivals and convention circuit. The film is directed and produced by Christine Parker and based on a story by Amber Teachey. Amber Teachey is also one of the two leads in the film.

The basic storyline of the film is stripped down and lean. It’s also, to some degree, familiar territory. The film centers around the relationship, or some might say lack thereof, between a teenage girl (Teachey) and her mother (Catherine Mattson). What relationship we do see on film is one of a highly destructive nature.


The Dragon*Con Boycott Part 6 – Situationally Exclusive Reasoning.

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BannerI’m starting to run into an interesting argument in various places. Some people resort to it when you knock the legs out from under their inaccurate statements on a specific topic with facts. Others acknowledge knowing the facts and then put this argument forward as though it’s supposed to make sense to anyone not wearing the anti-Dragon*Con blinders when looking at the argument being made. The argument is that Dragon*Con’s present owners are telling lies and trying to hide the fact that Kramer still holds shares in the company.


I Love Spam

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You have to love the comments a blog attracts. I mean, the Dragon*Con posts have gotten me some hilarious posts that I’ve refused to approve and simply deleted because they were little more than a string of profanities.

Oh, quick side note to the idiots like that – When you make certain statements on a blog, you can certainly create a fake email address to enter that will fool some systems. You should keep in mind this one fact though. As the blog admin, I get IP Addresses as well. You might rethink some of the statements. 


I love spam. Some of this stuff is practically a demented art form at this point. I have no idea why, but I love this last one. I just think it’s hilarious.

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I mean, that’s practically spambot poetry at this point. It may even be better than some of the stuff I had to read back in school. 

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DragonCon Banner

There’s a common theme one can see in the comment sections of many forums where various genre “news” sites report on the call for a Dragon*Con boycott and the claims made by the people pushing for the boycott and on the various blogs that simply repeat the coverage of the boycotters’ claims. It’s one of absolute shock and disbelief that Dragon*Con has been funding Kramer’s legal fight to the tune of $150,000 a year and thus allowing him avoid jail for going on 13 years now as well as traveling around the country and securing himself future victims. Maybe they should realize that it seems so unbelievable because it’s not exactly true. 


Back when all of this stupidity first started, Nancy A. Collins acted like a damned fool. Some might argue that she’s still acting like a damned fool. Either way though, it is her right to act like a damned fool. 

Likewise, it’s the right of anyone who supports her to act thusly. Yeah, their rights to act like damned fools end at certain points like sending harassing and insulting PMs to people or filing bogus take down notices against blogs to harass people that don’t tow the boycott line, but they do at least have the right to act like damned fools up to that point.

Which brings me to the problem I have with some who are anti-boycott.



But first – For the friends that will start seeing so many posts on this subject appearing and suggest that I not spend as much time on this as it appears that I am; this is actually a time saving measure. Rather than retype the same argument in multiple threads and forums, I’m simply doing it once here. It creates a nice permanent record that can be found by various search engines and, more importantly, it allows me a source to simple copy and paste from or, when links are involved, to use one link to cite the multiple sources I might have in the posts when the forum in question spam filters anything with more than one link. Plus, I may have a use for these posts and the facts cited in them later and it’s a hell of a lot easier to track the arguments and the links back to my own blog.

And now, our regularly scheduled blog shall begin.



Updated 3/18/2013 to add additional links.


And so is the lying and the propensity for showing that some of them are truly vile pieces of human debris. I’ll discuss more about that last bit later.

But first –

DragonCon-2011-Tee-Shirt 1

You’ve really got to wonder about some people and their inability to learn from past mistakes. Or, alternately, you have to wonder about the people determined to learn the wrong lessons from their past mistakes.