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Something Wrong

First, and I know this is asking a lot of you because of how much longer than usual this piece is, I’d like to ask you to go here and read this. It’s the May 17, 2018 Needless Things article I wrote. Something was happening in fandom at the time, something impacting a convention and creating a great deal of hassles and headaches. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an isolated incident. As a courtesy, I didn’t exactly address it directly back then, but I made my basic feelings about something known. If you read the piece back then and weren’t quite sure what to make of it, this is the article that’s going to make at least a little sense out of it. If you didn’t read it back then, well… You don’t have to now, but it might make references in the back end of this article make more sense. So, anyhow…


Elizabeth Geisha

So here we are less than a week out from the big night and the PC Police and the SJW clowns are ramping up the stupid on social media. They’re posting selfies of themselves holding up Halloween items with disapproving looks on their faces or they’re recycling memes filled with disapproving people from prior Octobers. All of it because they don’t like certain Halloween costumes they’ve taken it upon themselves to define as socially unacceptable and offensive.

Guys, seriously, get over yourselves.