Some Interesting News from the Convention Front

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Conventions, Dragon Con, Entertainment, Holidays
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Dragon Con and MomoCon

Atlanta has been home to Dragon Con for 30 years as of 2016’s convention. While it’s by far the biggest convention in Atlanta and the region in general, Dragon Con is not the only convention claiming Atlanta as it’s home. Another convention, MomoCon, has been making quite a name for itself. 

MomoCon has a great reputation with the con goers like cosplayers, anime fans, and gaming fans. Indeed, one of their points of pride is having the largest gaming floor in the Southeast. But, with a host of great guests every year, a number of entertaining panels, and events like their own night at the absolutely amazing Georgia Aquarium, they have a lot to offer geeks of every stripe.

Today saw the announcement of an interesting and exciting development. It was also, given the already friendly relationship between the two conventions and the crossover of some behind the scenes talent, not a surprising one. As of today, Dragon Con and MomoCon have announced a formal strategic partnership.

You can read the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT here. 

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