#HorrorAtDragonCon 2019

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

HorrorAtDragonConDragon Con, the annual event that takes over downtown Atlanta every Labor Day Weekend, officially kicks off the festivities this year on August 29. For those of you who have never heard of Dragon Con or for those of you who have but don’t know that much about it because you wrote it off as anime, cosplay, and all the other the less horrific worlds of genre fiction, let’s look at why it’s a great convention for horror lovers everywhere to attend. 

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The Wicker Man (1973)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

The look on Richard’s face as he watched the movie…

CoverYes, it’s true. We made Richard watch 1973’s The Wicker Man. Well, actually John did as this was his pick. We’ll say this now about Richard’s reaction to the film- I think he probably liked it more than he would have liked the Nic Cage starring remake. Outside of that…

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Welcome to Dragon Con Soon

This year has flown by so far, July is dissolving in the mists of time, and August is almost upon us. That’s a somewhat relevant fact for those of us going to Dragon Con as the official kickoff date of the festivities this year is Thursday, August 29. I won’t mention the rather sizable few of you who have adjusted to the new first day by making Wednesday the new Thursday and are claiming the 28th as the first day of con as, if I did that, several people I know might rip out all of their hair.

Nevertheless, the important (thing no matter the precise start date) is that Dragon Con is now less than 50 days away.

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Splinter (2008)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverThis week on The Assignment: Horror Podcast, we’re missing a Becca but we gain a Sean as he picks our movie of the week, 2008’s Splinter. This movie isn’t talked about much but does a lot with a little as it creates a somewhat original monster for modern times. Sean tells us why he picked it and Richard tells what he does and doesn’t like about the movie while giving a grade at the end. It was also Johns first time seeing this movie so we get his fresh thoughts about it.

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Image Credit: wrongsideoftheheart.com

Ah, high school! Teen angst, peer pressure, hormone-driven stupidity, and chemistry experiments that turn people into mutated killing machines. In other words: the good ol’ days!


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I wrote this on Facebook about two weeks ago. I’m sharing it here because it’s easier to link to this blog and have things seen than it is to link to Facebook and, frankly, I’ve gotten tired of writing and rewriting even the much shorter explanations. 

Yes, there is a valid need right now for a Pride Month and Pride events. No, there is no valid need for Straight Pride events. Here’s why.

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So, Max Landis…

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Christ, this is very much some dark, scary reading. One aspect of the scary bit is the timeline. I’ve heard for a few years now some rumblings and outright accusations, but this covers a decade or more and is far darker than what I had heard. The thing that’s the most fucked up about that isn’t the timeline in and of itself, it’s more a matter of who he was at the time it was happening. Or, maybe the better way to say that is to say it as who he wasn’t.

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