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We’re coming up on a one year anniversary that probably very few people will want to remember, let alone observe. This would be the anniversary of when noticeable chunks of the population turned into screeching, screaming, trembling, frightened, and in some cases unreasonably angry and paranoid children. The start of this was around the beginning of August of 2014, when the news covered the fact that an American Ebola victim who had been a volunteer treating others overseas was being brought into the country to be treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.



There are days when it seems like the modern skepticism is on its last legs. Most self described “skeptics” might not know it, and certainly wouldn’t agree, but it’s looking pretty damned bad for them. And the reason isn’t because the truth is harder to find than ever before or because more people are embracing the truth than ever before. No, the reason is that most self described skeptics are anything but skeptical, and they’re in no way a part of the modern skepticism movement. Oh, they’ll tell you that they’re skeptical, they’ll be the first to tell you that, but they seemingly have no clue what the word means.