The Dragon Con Khan Report

Posted: April 5, 2019 in Conventions, Dragon Con, Dragon*Con, Entertainment, Holidays, Uncategorized
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The Dragon Con Khan Report is, to me, one of the two best podcasts out there to get you ready for Dragon Con- and it’s the only one of those two that runs throughout the year and not just 50 days before con.

They cover everything you need to know. You get updates on guests, updates on events, and general news about what’s coming as the con gets closer. You’ll get all this from the regular hosts, the occasional guest host who has long ties to the con, and the occasional visit from track heads and convention reps. And, maybe one of the most important things when you’re trying to take in a lot of information at once, they typically keep it fun and entertaining.
Just as important as that? They shoot straight on matters about and around the con. They’re all fans of Dragon Con, but they don’t sugarcoat anything on behalf of the convention. If there was an issue during last year’s con or there’s a possible problem with something around the upcoming con, they’ll address it in as straightforward and honest a manner as they can. The point of the podcast, after all, isn’t just promoting the cool things you can see and do at Dragon Con, but giving you as much solid information- about the good or about the bad -as you need to make the best choices and decisions when it comes to planning your trip to Dragon Con. And, bonus, a lot of the convention survival tips and tricks they give, while obviously discussed in terms of Dragon Con, are good for most any medium-sized to large convention you may be attending throughout the year.
I have been a listener of the Khan Report since 2013. I tell you from experience that this is a great addition to your listening lineup whether you’re going to your 1st or your 30th Dragon Con.
[WARNING- Despite the playful suggestion to do so, actually taking a shot whenever they mess up pronouncing a name when updating the guest list can be harmful to your health if not outright deadly.]

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