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Yes, It Really is a Big Deal

Posted: April 27, 2019 in Entertainment, Life, Movies

Blog Cover - Big Deal

[I should note up front that at the time of this writing I have not seen Avengers: Endgame, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers.]

This is the weekend. It’s finally here. Almost one full week shy of exactly eleven years ago, Iron Man landed in theaters across the country and started us on a trip that is finally seeing its end. From Iron Man to Captain Marvel, 21 films have been made that have brought us to this weekend and film 22. We are at Avengers: Endgame.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, from social media to the workplace, there are people who want to downplay what this is. Some are just being deliberately insulting trolls or outright jerks, disparaging the nature of the genre and the fans who enjoy it. Some are simply playing the ‘I’m too cool to be into this popular film series stuff to that level’ bit. Then there are those who are not fans- outside observers as it were -who genuinely don’t understand why some of their friends, family, and coworkers are losing their minds this weekend.    

There’s little that can be said to the first two groups. They are what they are. As for the third group, I can assure you that, yes, what is about to happen in movie theaters across the country this weekend is absolutely a big deal. Here’s why. By the time we’ve all watched the last of the credits roll on Avengers: Endgame, we will have witnessed something that has never been done in the history of American cinema and, as far as I know, the history of cinema anywhere else.


Be a Real Shame…

Posted: March 10, 2019 in Entertainment, Movies

Be A Real Shame


I’m taking a quick break from my “Around Dragon Con” pieces this week to take a look at Captain America. Specifically, having just rewatched Infinity Wars now that the film has hit the Blu-Ray shelves, Captain America as embodied by Chris Evans. Even more specifically, how important the casting of Chris Evans may have been to the Captain America we now know.


Thoughts about Jessica Jones, WrestleMania, and Black Lightning.

2014 and 2015 and especially 2016 and 2017 were filled with superheroes on the big screen and the small screen. This has been the case for farther back than 2014, but the last four to five years have been seemingly extremely superhero heavy. Every major movie studio was launching a film with an eye towards starting a franchise, and channels like CW were transforming into Superhero Central. Even streaming services were getting in on the act with exclusive superhero shows in both live action and animated forms. In fandom, the age-old war between the Marvel Zombies and the loyal DC Comics fans had renewed itself and moved to a larger battlefield as Hollywood itself was at times seemingly trying to transform itself into Marvel and DC.

The tipping point was coming fast. The big failure moment was just around the corner. The collapse of the superhero film genre was about to happen with the very next bloated, over the top, four-color abomination the studios were readying to unleash on the superhero fatigued audiences of America.

Well, at least that’s how the world worked according to some of the various social critics, movie critics, and jaded fanboys of the world.


Some ongoing news popped its head up into the social media world this last week, and fandom suddenly felt its heart grow three sizes that day. Unfortunately, this was one of those things where fandom really needed to stop, think, and maybe play the part of the Grinch a little more. Outside of seeing some interesting speculation with regards to some Marvel properties (which was what most of the people I saw salivating over this were initially talking about) I saw little about this that made me think it was a good idea. Even seeing the Marvel properties “go home” to Disney- while that could open up some interesting possibilities for the next phase of Marvel films -might not ultimately be the great thing some initially thought it could be. To be honest, perhaps the only good thing in such a deal- and that’s not enough to make it worth the cost -would be straightening out many of the remaining legal issues around Star Wars: A New Hope.


Jerome Maida who writes theGeekarticles over at asked me to send him my thoughts on Marvel’s Iron Fist for an upcoming piece he was working on. I had a word limit which I (of course) totally blew. This was okay because he had more to pull quotes from, or at least that’s what I told myself.

The piece dropped today and my words are in there along with Jerome’s of course. I expected that for obvious reasons. But I’m also sharing the printed page with Roy Thomas and legendary artist ChrisCross. That’s pretty cool.

Obviously, my contributions had to be trimmed quite substantially to make room for the bigger names. Obviously, I’m cool with that. But I figured I’d expand them a bit here. Below the cut is a link to the Philly Geek article. Give it a read and see what everyone has to say. When you’re done, come back and look at the rest of this entry. It’s one of the last runs I made at trimming down the over 1,100 word draft I started out with.

I was supposed to shoot for 500. As I frequently say on The Pro Wrestling Roundtable Podcast– I got long-winded again.