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Dr. Phibes Rises Again! (1972)

Posted: October 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

Palaver Podcasts

PhibesThe crew looks at the classic Vincent Price film, Dr. Phibes Rises Again. Who liked it, who didn’t, and was Jerry recovered enough from the beating he took because of suggesting The Loch Ness Horror to participate? Find out by giving the show a listen below.

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Palaver Podcasts

content_loch-ness-horror2For this episode, the gang looks at 1982’s The Loch Ness Horror. Then the gang looks at possibility of beating Jerry senseless for choosing this film. Jerry wrote about his love of the film as a favorite so bad it’s good film here. Give a listen to the show and find out how much everyone else disagreed with Jerry about the “good” part of that description.

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House (1985)

Posted: September 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

House Cover

This episode, the crew look at the William Katt starring horror/comedy House from 1985. This was Becca’s pick and only caused minor confusion with people expecting to see Japanese insanity or an English doctor speaking with an American accent. 


Palaver Podcasts

Pit CoverIn this episode, we invite Michael Pederson onto the show to discuss a little bit about RavenCon and a lot about the Roger Corman directed, Vincent Price starring The Pit and the Pendulum. This was one of a series of Roger Corman films using the works of Edgar Allan Poe as inspiration, and many consider it one of the best of them if not the best of them. 

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#HorrorAtDragonCon 2019

Posted: July 15, 2019 in Uncategorized

Palaver Podcasts

HorrorAtDragonConDragon Con, the annual event that takes over downtown Atlanta every Labor Day Weekend, officially kicks off the festivities this year on August 29. For those of you who have never heard of Dragon Con or for those of you who have but don’t know that much about it because you wrote it off as anime, cosplay, and all the other the less horrific worlds of genre fiction, let’s look at why it’s a great convention for horror lovers everywhere to attend. 

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The Wicker Man (1973)

Posted: July 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

Palaver Podcasts

The look on Richard’s face as he watched the movie…

CoverYes, it’s true. We made Richard watch 1973’s The Wicker Man. Well, actually John did as this was his pick. We’ll say this now about Richard’s reaction to the film- I think he probably liked it more than he would have liked the Nic Cage starring remake. Outside of that…

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Splinter (2008)

Posted: June 30, 2019 in Uncategorized

Palaver Podcasts

CoverThis week on The Assignment: Horror Podcast, we’re missing a Becca but we gain a Sean as he picks our movie of the week, 2008’s Splinter. This movie isn’t talked about much but does a lot with a little as it creates a somewhat original monster for modern times. Sean tells us why he picked it and Richard tells what he does and doesn’t like about the movie while giving a grade at the end. It was also Johns first time seeing this movie so we get his fresh thoughts about it.

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