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The Assignment: Horror Podcast


This is not exactly new news. As a matter of fact, it’s old enough that it was discussed as a part of the reason we were seeing a new King Kong film in 2017. We got Kong: Skull Islandin part- perhaps in large part –because they wanted a “shared universe” in order to have King Kong eventually meet the King of Monsters for a big budget, Hollywood battle royal. But, even as the 2019 version of Destroy All Monsters is upon us, even as various people are discussing this weekend’s big monster bash, it seems a lot of people don’t know this is on the books. 

Now, I’m not as anti-remake as a lot of other people can be. My attitude towards remakes with regards to potential quality is that they have a no greater or lesser chance at being good than an original film. I don’t do the…

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Deep Red (1975)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverIssac Cain picks the movie this time around and its 1975’s Deep Red! John, Jerry, and the returning Becca interrogate young Richard to get his opinion on this classic movie. From the music to the terrific direction of this movie there is a lot to love about this one! The gang talks about all that and the magnificent kills and special effects! 

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

TetBecca picks the movie this time around and its 1989s Tetsuo: The Iron Man! John, Becca, & Richard are short their standard 4th (or 5th) person but they have a discussion for the ages about this crazy movie. Tetsuo: The Iron Man is a must watch for being cyberpunk and its body horror and its social commentary. We promise you will actually learn something from this episode as Becca educates us about this wonderful film.

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Ghostwatch (1992)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Cover Ghostwatch.JPG

In this episode of the podcast, the crew plus the fantastic master of mayhem Sean Burnham take a look at one of the greatest haunted house movies of its era, 1992’s Ghostwatch. What? Never heard of it? There’s a particularly good reason for that, one the guys get into in the early going. Give it a listen and find out why so many of the crew love and why, if you haven’t seen it, you should.

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The Underground Space Station

About a week ago, I saw an article on-line that was looking for articles. They wanted a quick description of what topic would be written about, so I dashed off a couple lines about PTSD and how it’s shown, or not shown, on Trek. Didn’t hear back yet. HOWEVER, some other people MUST have, since articles have started appearing.

Sadly, I fear I’ve started to label these less Trek, and more another Nimoy vehicle, In Search Of…An Editor. As can be seen here or here it’s like overhearing a conversation waiting in the autograph line at a convention.  The Mirror Universe article could be an analysis of the darkness inside, or which world we’re in, not an episode summary.  The Ferengi one could have been really insightful, with more discussion of the label as Outsider.  Instead, it becomes a Poor Me Screed.  There’s one about the Jewish origins of…

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It Came from Hollywood

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

It Came from Hollywood Poster and CoverOh, do I love this film. It’s probably a sign of a mental disorder on my part, but I really do seriously love this film. It just tickles the goofiest, weirdest, and likely dumbest funny bone that I have in my body. I think it also helped screw up my personal taste in some genres of film in a way that still makes my wife suffer greatly on the occasional movie night.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverThe first detonation of a nuclear weapon was conducted by the United States Army at 5:29 am on July 16, 1945. They used the code name of Trinity for the detonation. The name was inspired by the works of John Donne, a poet whose work often touched on the metaphysical and the religious. It was an interesting name as chosen by scientists for such an event; touching on concepts of the big bang and the creation of all things. For Hollywood, it inspired a bit of a different Biblical twist, the time of giant beasts.

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