The Dragon*Con Boycott Part 9 – Because Some People Have to Learn the REALLY Hard Way

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Dragon*Con, Entertainment, News

Learning The Hard Way

Ah, the smell of idiocy and desperation.

Nancy and her boycott are just getting sad at this point. It was a bit comical to see Nancy boasting about the growing boycott movement while citing many supporters who have openly stated that they have never been to Dragon*Con or that they have not been to Dragon*Con in well over 15 or 20 years. It was certainly funny enough in the early going (and the recent weeks come to think of it) to watch as Nancy declared “victories” and credited her boycott call as the cause when various confirmed guests dropped out of Dragon*Con appearances while ignoring the facts that they cited conflicts with work, they also canceled other appearances in the same general time period and that they totally failed to mention anything about the boycott. It has become funnier still to watch her claim as victories for or imply boycott connections to individuals or groups who are actually still active, confirmed guests.

And it became absolute comedy gold when she started embracing supporters who had no idea what they were talking about. And I don’t mean that in the way I’ve discussed it here before. I don’t simply mean that they didn’t know the full history in this, the odd bits of legal information or the full facts VS just the select bits that the Boycott Brigade likes to throw around. No, some of these slow drips that she’s embraced make the ones who are just a bit uninformed look like the keepers of all knowledge. She has not only embraced but promoted a few editorials where the boycott supporters was so ignorant of the facts that they switched back and forth on having Kramer avoid trial and having him actually having stood trial for this once already, they seemed to think that this all started before the first Dragon*Con (1987) even took place and they didn’t seem to realize that Kramer has been in jail since 2011 rather than free and roaming the country. See, she really doesn’t care if her supporters know what the hell they’re talking about as much as she cares about claiming that she has them.

But now Nancy has hit a wonderful bit of stupidity that will backfire gloriously on her more dimwitted supporters and possibly even on her. She’s endorsing/encouraging frivolous lawsuits against Dragon*Con by boycott supporters in order to negatively impact their finances. I wonder if any of these mental midgets realize that in many states, if not most states at this point, the penalty for the filing of a frivolous lawsuit if you’re lucky is just paying all of the court costs and legal expenses of and for both sides. If you’re unlucky, you do that and, depending on the state, pay anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 in fines and penalties. And the fun bit here is that, depending on the state, Dragon*Con itself may not even have to do anything in order to have penalties implemented. In some states, the courts themselves have the ability to determine whether a lawsuit is frivolous or not and then throw out the suit and implement the fines and penalties for wasting the court’s time.

I see some very expensive “learning moments” in the very near future of some very stupid people.


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