The Dragon*Con Boycott Part 4- This We Don’t Need

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Dragon*Con, Entertainment, Life, News

Back when all of this stupidity first started, Nancy A. Collins acted like a damned fool. Some might argue that she’s still acting like a damned fool. Either way though, it is her right to act like a damned fool. 

Likewise, it’s the right of anyone who supports her to act thusly. Yeah, their rights to act like damned fools end at certain points like sending harassing and insulting PMs to people or filing bogus take down notices against blogs to harass people that don’t tow the boycott line, but they do at least have the right to act like damned fools up to that point.

Which brings me to the problem I have with some who are anti-boycott.

Some in the fringe leveled death threats against Nancy all those years ago. Supposedly a few have again. Stephen R. Bissette claims that after he came out in support of Nancy he was targeted by fandom and had his Facebook page and blog hacked. There are a few other stories out there from others of like activity. And, hey, it might even be true. Certainly Nancy and crew have to start getting their facts straight about something in this thing.

Look, guys, and spread this word as far as possible among the people that support Dragon*Con against Collin’s bullshit boycott and the constant stream of inaccurate statements being passed off as fact by her and her supporters –

We do not need that crap being pulled by our side.

If the last month has shown us anything, it’s shown us that Nancy’s gun is loaded with blanks. There’s not a claim that she’s made that’s not easily disprovable with a few links and in context quotes.

Her claim that Dragon*Con lied for 12 years and tried to hide the fact that Kramer still had shares and profited from them? Debunked. 

Murphy’s rantings that all of the delays in the case were caused by Kramer alone with no screw ups and delays caused by the Gwinnett courts and DA’s Office? Debunked.

Nancy’s claim that the $150,000 was a dividend payment rather than a settlement from the case Kramer had against Dragon Con/Ace Inc and Pat Henry? Debunked. 

Any credibility that they would claim to have about knowing a thing about business laws or what Dragon*Con can and cannot do over the issue? Blown clear out of the water.

The flimsy evidence they presented that Kramer was an invited guest in 2008? Debunked at best and shown to be supported by flimsy evidence and assumptions on their parts and highly unlikely at worst. 

And we have links and facts to back this up.

We don’t need to sink to stupid levels. We have something on our side that they don’t have and have not had since say one. We have facts and the truth to back our arguments. 

Let someone like Don Murphy stoop so low as to send harassing PM’s and play stupid and bogus legal games to harass. It’s all he’s got. Let Nancy play her ‘poor little me the victim’ card while spinning and pushing inaccurate statements as facts. Let Bissette rant about how evil the entire industry is and make nonsensical arguments backing the boycott. It’s all they’ve got.

Again, we have the facts on our side. And we’re better than that.

But threats and hacking? This we don’t need. If nothing else, we don’t need it because they’ll just add it in to their list to plump up their fake “victim” status.

If you know anyone out there who tries to hack a boycott supporters account, blog or social networking page – Tell them to knock it off. It’s not needed and it’s not wanted as reflective of our side.

And if you know anyone who thinks that death threats is are an okay form of communication and debate – Tell them to knock it off and then tell them to never again claim that they’re on the same side of this as the rest of us. And if they don’t knock it off? Turn them in. 

Death threats aren’t funny. Terroristic threats aren’t funny. Making people legitimately wonder if they’re going to turn a corner and have someone hurt them or kill them isn’t funny or a game.

We’re better than that. Certainly if we hold ourselves to the ideals of the things we love and, occasionally, in some cases, claim to aspire to be like, we at the very least aren’t that low.

We don’t need this. Spread the word to any and all who need to hear it. Knock it off. 

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