The Man, the Myth, the Legend… For 50 Years.

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Entertainment, Life
Bruce Campbell:
   Actor, director, writer, producer and a number of other miscellaneous credits… A blast to watch on film and, from every fan’s account from conventions and every pro’s account from the set, a really down to Earth, great guy.
   Happy Birthday, “Ash”. Thanks for some of my favorite cheesy-fun moments. Hopefully, there are still many, many more to come.
  1. Sean says:

    Ya know, if I get a phone where you can program the ring tones, the boomstick line and groovy are going in there!

  2. Bill Mulligan says:

    His latest, THEY CALL ME BRUCE, is about to come out. Looks great, basically GALAXY QUEST with horror.

    If you ever get the chance to see him in person, giving a talk, answering audience questions…he’s gold.

  3. jjchandler says:

    Yeah, I read just the other week that they had finally nailed down a release date for the thing. I’ll likely have to wait to see it on DVD though. All the good ones skip my area and play up around DC and that ain’t looking like an option for me anymore with $4-$5 a gallon gas.

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