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As I explained here in the first blog piece that I wrote about this topic, this partly grew out of my noticing that a lot of people who were craving shows (although usually with the idea of AM/FM radio shows) that catered to geek interests were often the ones who were completely unaware that there were a lot of very good shows out there in the form of podcasts. Not only are they good, but some are every bit as polished and professional as what you might expect from something on over the airwaves radio. Yeah, some are nothing more than guys sitting around a table chatting, and there’s nothing wrong with that when the chat is entertaining and informative, but some of them have all the bells and whistles that one might find with a “professional” show on the airwaves.

It also partly grew out of my attitude of what being a geek is. If you find something you like, if you find something you enjoy, tell others about it and spread the word. So that’s what I’m doing. However, before starting on a new batch of shows, I actually want to look at a couple of things going on with some I touched on in the first post on the topic.