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A lot of people treat the word “remake” attached to a project as an automatic sign of a bad product. Some people- often people not realizing that some of their favorite movies are remakes –will also greet the news of remakes with declarations about how remakes are automatically inferior to the originals or are automatically devoid of any level genius or originality. One of my favorite remakes, 1986’s The Fly, is a film that puts a lie to both of these statements.

Admittedly, many remakes can be horrible. Typically, bad remakes come about because someone somewhere in a studio in Hollywood wants to remake or reboot a popular film or TV franchise just to try to jump back onto a money train. There’s often seemingly very little love or passion for the original versions, and some great deal less thought seems to be put into executing a new version thanks to the laziness of thinking everyone will just know what they’re supposed to know once the movie starts. There’s also an issue created when the original property is a hugely popular film or franchise with generations of fans. Of course, one way to get around that last bit is to let people who love the less than well-loved films get a shot at doing some remakes or reboots based on those. 

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Part 1 can be found here. It’s a bit long and it’s not entirely necessary to read it in order to read Part 2, but there are things I discussed about remakes and reboots in general that I’ll reference here. You should still be able to get what I’m saying without reading Part 1 first, but be aware in advance that references will be made.

And now there shall be blood.


A couple of things landed in the geek culture social media landscape this last week that kicked off a lot of discussion. Some of it was just a rehash of older discussions, the ever more and more silly reboot/remake hate threads, while some of it was new(ish) with regards to the two of the three bits of news. These bits would be (1) the announced casting for the all female Ghostbusters reboot, (2) Peter Davidson commenting on why he feels that for him The Doctor should remain solidly male in gender, and (3) a remake of the classic horror film Poltergeist.

I’ll start with the whole reboot/remake hate first. Why? Because it covers a lot of ground and it’s less likely to start a full-on flame war than the second half of the deal. That’ll be saved for Part 2.

Plus, there are points that I will establish here that will be referenced in Part 2. Here’s a short list of the reasons given for hating reboots and remakes.

1) It’s a sign that Hollywood has lost/run out of the originality and imagination it had in “the Golden Years” of filmmaking.

2) Remakes and reboots suck because they’re always automatically inferior to the originals.

3) “They” are raping/destroying our childhood and the original source materials.

And when the subject of American adaptations of foreign films is brought up-

4) Remakes of a foreign film are unnecessary since the original should be shown and Americans need to stop being lazy and/or stupid about reading subtitles in films.