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[This article was originally written for publication on the Needless Things website in August of 2018. Unfortunately, it was a part of the archives lost in the September 2018 migration of the site to a new platform. In the case of this and the other ‘Around Dragon Con’ articles being published this month, the things covered here are still as contemporary and relevant as they were when these articles were originally on Needless Things. Enjoy this one and the others, and, hopefully, you’ll find something in the ‘Around Dragon Con’ articles that will make your time in Atlanta better than it’s been before.]



Tucked away on the corner of 18th Street and Spring Street in Atlanta, Georgia is the Center for Puppetry Arts. If you’ve been to Atlanta but never visited the Center for Puppetry Arts, this or next year’s trip down for Dragon Con would be very good times to consider rectifying this oversight. Now, unlike the Georgia Aquarium, this isn’t a sight you can see with just a short walk down the street from the Dragon Con host hotels. It’s anywhere from a 45 minute to 1-hour walk depending on who is doing the walking. You can drive to it in about 15 minutes, but what levels of insanity would you have to be suffering under to cause you to consider driving in downtown Atlanta?


That’s what my wife said to me after we got home late Wednesday night after the convention had ended. And she was right. This was a totally different convention experience for each of us, but it was, at heart, exactly the same.

Dragon Con Puppetry Track

Two things happened last year that went on to shape the experiences of this year. One thing was my kids discovering the Dragon Con Puppetry Track thanks to my wife’s lifelong devotion to all things Fraggle Rock and Henson. Dragon Con had two of the original Fraggles there last year, and my wife took the kids, who had been growing up on her Fraggle Rock DVDs, to see them. They then stayed on for a few panels and shows, a few of which my son and daughter became a part of.