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Edited on 4/4/2013 to expand and clarify the information on the events around the HWA and SP Somtow in 2000.

Nancy A. Collins has long made her desire to have no part of Dragon*Con clear to all;  sometimes fanatically so. Her stated reason was that Ed Kramer, one of the original founding members of Dragon*Con, was arrested in 2000 and charged with engaging in three counts of child molestation against two brothers as well as another child who would later come forward. Nancy’s reaction was a very personal one. Nancy had a working relationship with Kramer, a well-known editor in the genre fields, throughout the 1990s as well as a personal one. Collins would later claim that Kramer was “grooming” both her and her then husband in order to get closer to their younger family members and speak of her feelings of personal betrayal.

It’s now 2013, and soon to be going on 13 full years later, and Kramer has still not stood trial.