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Freaking awesome.

That’s the only way to describe it. Dragon Con 2015 was just freaking awesome.

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AppDragon Con‘s 2014 app is now the 2015 app. The app now builds it’s new version on the old, so if you haven’t gotten rid of last year’s app or changed phones, make sure to go in and update the app. I had to do the initial major update manually in my Android’s apps settigs, but after that it started doing the automatic updates just like it did before.


RAH Bela Blood DriveOkay, so you want to see the sights, hear the sounds, and do whatever is doable at Dragon Con. You’ve looked over the schedule and you’ve checked off just the things you want to see or do that you absolutely can’t live without while spending four days in Atlanta, Georgia at everyone’s favorite fan convention. You’ve looked at the schedule you’ve blocked out, double checked it and triple checked it, held it up to the light and looked at it sideways, and squinted in a kind of funny manner at it. It’s about then that you realize that you’ve blocked out a schedule of about 138 hours of programming for Saturday alone, and the other three days you’ve blocked out aren’t looking any closer to just 16-20 hours of stuff to see and do than Saturday’s schedule.

Congratulations, you’ve discovered the one thing about Dragon Con that will drive you buggy if you let it. There’s just no way that you can see and do anything close to everything you want to see and do at Dragon Con. It’s just not possible. But that is a good thing.

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[Upfront disclaimer – I have been volunteering at Dragon Con since 2014]

I’m assuming that most of the people reading this have at least a couple of Dragon Cons under their belts, but hopefully, a few of you out there who are going for the first time, whether that first time is in 2015 or beyond, find this article and find it useful. We’re going to look at a few of the most basic things that most people I know say they wish they knew when they made their first trek to Dragon Con. Hopefully, it might be useful advice for making your first Dragon Con a little bit easier and a little bit more enjoyable. Additionally, I’ll be providing a few resource links at the bottom of the article that will help you prepare and maybe even get a better handle on what you’re getting into. Also, hopefully, other people will chip in with good advice in the comments below.