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So we’re not even out of November, Thanksgiving hasn’t even come and gone yet, and already the fake “victims” of the evangelical, conservative “Christian” right are ramping up their annual pity party known as “The War on Christmas.” Years ago when this was becoming a thing on Fox News and conservative talk radio, it seemed like the kind of bad joke that no one would be stupid enough to go along with. Now it’s an annual movement filled with piously self-righteous people declaring their faith under attack while it is in fact them attacking anyone and everyone else who won’t worship as they do.


These Are the Faces of the Wannabe American Theocratic Version of Christian Sharia Law

So, I’ve been avoiding politics a lot lately when it comes to blogging. I should probably continue to do so, but the stupidity I’m seeing in some of this Davis garbage is annoying as hell. So, in reference to all the damned conservative memes I’ve seen on social media since I got home from vacation and started looking at Facebook and Twitter for more than just a few minutes two or three times in the day…

Kim Davis is not Civil Rights figure Rosa Parks. Kim Davis is the bus driver who refused to drive the bus when Rosa Parks refused to move seats.

Kim Davis is not Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King. Kim Davis is racist politician George Wallace who in defiance of desegregation laws led others to physically stand in the doorway of a school to prevent black students from entering.

At best, Kim Davis is the 2015 version of the bigoted, racist clerks who still refused to give mixed race couple marriage licenses in the wake of Loving v. Virginia. At worse, Kim Davis is a hypocritical bigot using religion as an excuse to be a bigot while helping to give both anyone truly religious and religion itself a bad name.