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I’m probably missing a link or two here, but here are most of them. First and foremost, check out the YouTube channel. Free indie horror films from the Adrenalin Films and Sick Chick Flicks crews.

Watch ’em, share ’em, and let other people know about ’em. Then subscribe to their YouTube channel and the Facebook pages to keep up with the latest.



So while everything else is happening, some news that broke that put a smile on my face.
I’ve been nagging my good friend Bill Mulligan (among others) for years now to get his butt down to Atlanta for Labor Day Weekend to share in the amazing fun that is Dragon Con. Not only is he FINALLY going, but he gets to go as one of the recognized Attending Professionals, and he’s bringing some of Gruesome Magazine’s Grue-Crew along as first timers as well.

Part 2 of my piece on Adrenalin Productions at the Needless Things website. We look at the very recent history of Adrenalin as well as what’s happening now. There’s also a link in the article to bonus content. Hope you enjoy it.

FIIP1Where can Adrenalin be found?


A lesson in why you should follow your passion no matter how badly someone else tries to knock you down and kick you when you’re down.



Winner Best Feature Film award at Mysticon 2015

To quote from the website: