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Posted: July 24, 2019 in Dragon Con, Family, Holidays, Needless Things
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[This article was originally written for publication on the Needless Things website in August of 2018. Unfortunately, it was a part of the archives lost in the September 2018 migration of the site to a new platform. In the case of this and the other ‘Around Dragon Con’ articles being published this month, the things covered here are still as contemporary and relevant as they were when these articles were originally on Needless Things. Enjoy this one and the others, and, hopefully, you’ll find something in the ‘Around Dragon Con’ articles that will make your time in Atlanta better than it’s been before.]



Tucked away on the corner of 18th Street and Spring Street in Atlanta, Georgia is the Center for Puppetry Arts. If you’ve been to Atlanta but never visited the Center for Puppetry Arts, this or next year’s trip down for Dragon Con would be very good times to consider rectifying this oversight. Now, unlike the Georgia Aquarium, this isn’t a sight you can see with just a short walk down the street from the Dragon Con host hotels. It’s anywhere from a 45 minute to 1-hour walk depending on who is doing the walking. You can drive to it in about 15 minutes, but what levels of insanity would you have to be suffering under to cause you to consider driving in downtown Atlanta?


Fortunately, you don’t need to do either of these two things to get there. You can walk over to Peachtree Center, hop on the MARTA, and take a very quick trip to the Arts Center MARTA Station. From there, it’s a short walk to the Center for Puppetry Arts. Bonus- You might not even have to give up any Dragon Con time to give the place a visit. After all, in recent years it has been the host of events with very Dragon Con-like vibes and some years events are perfect for those coming into town early enough to spend a night there getting into the swing of things.


Additionally, there is a strong Dragon Con connection to the Center for Puppetry Arts. The Dragon Con Puppetry Track is essentially the Center’s presence at Dragon Con, and the two have a good working relationship when it comes to some events and promotion. If you want better details for the events, keep an ear out for Beau Brown showing up on the Needless Things Podcast and the 50 Days of Dragon Con podcast from The Unique Geek. I’m sure he’ll be in the mix on both this year as he’s been every pretty much year for a long while now. However, if you want to hear about some of the past events now to get an idea of the types of things they have done, check here, here, and here. You can also check out their FAQs section here to start to get an idea of what the Center is all about.


The Center for Puppetry Arts has been around since 1978 and is now the largest American non-profit organization dedicated to only the art and craft of puppetry and its history. The Center has a strong focus on education, but there’s also a strong focus on the entertainment and fun end of things. Let’s be honest, most of us grew up on puppets, Muppets, Fraggles, marionettes, and all sorts of other things related to puppetry that some of us might not have realized were truly a part of the art of puppetry.

Walking through the Center for Puppetry Arts as just a museum is by itself worth the visit. Not only is the nostalgia hit there when you see on display many of the creations you grew up watching on television and the big screen, but there is a nice amount of puppetry history on display from all over the world. Not only is it amazing to look at, but also, even if you’re not a hardcore geek for puppetry, the things that you can learn about the craft and the origins of some aspects of it in other cultures is endlessly fascinating.


Unlike the Georgia Aquarium, the museum end of the Center for Puppetry Arts is not an entire day’s worth of walking and seeing. This is something you can easily do on a morning or on an afternoon before or after Dragon Con. However, if you want to do more and if they have something on their schedule that works for your time down in Atlanta, there’s more to do than just looking at what’s on display during your walk through the Center.

A quick look through their website shows the variety of activities the Center for Puppetry Arts has to offer for visitors of all ages. Not everything they offer is every Monday through Friday or always on the regular schedule. You have to look at their calendar when making some of your plans to see if they have something extra going on that you might want to check out. However, again, even if there’s no special event on the schedule that floats your boat, just the museum itself is worth the trip.

If you can’t make it this year, check the website out, sign up for the email, and plan accordingly for next year’s Dragon Con trip or any other trip that will put you in or near Atlanta for a spell. Trust me, you’ll enjoy your first trip so much you will want to go again and see what else they have to offer.


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Jerry Chandler is a lifelong geek who, while enjoying most everything fandom has to offer, finds himself most at home in the horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction genres. When not wasting too much time on social media, he can be found writing regularly here at Needless Things, but has also written for websites like Gruesome Magazine as well as remembering to put up the occasional musings on his on blog. He’s been a guest on several podcasts from the ESO Network, Decades of Horror, and the Subject Matter. He has also recently become a regular cohost of The Assignment: Horror Podcast.

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