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Flash Gordon NBC

“Blasting off on a desperate mission to save Earth from the evil plottings of the tyrannical space lord Ming the Merciless, Dr. Hans Zarkov and Dale Arden have joined me, Flash Gordon, on a fantastic journey into worlds where peril and adventure await us.”

A lot of people have recently been doing nostalgic looks back at American animation through the ages or just at the cartoons and kids shows of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Annoyingly, while hitting a lot of the better-known highlights, everyone seems to give either little or no mention to what was, for me, one of the truly great science fiction Saturday morning cartoons. The Adventures of Flash Gordon, at least the first season, should be more widely recognized as a true classic. Yet, other than a few childhood friends and my childhood-in-spirit friend Sean Scullion, I meet very few people who seem remember it. That really needs to change, as the show’s first season stands up amazingly well all these years after it first aired.


[Podcast] Vampires & Birthdays

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The crew + Bill Mulligan threw me a birthday podcast to talk movie vampires. We crammed a lot of vampires (and almost vampires) in there.

The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverThis week brings a bonus episode of the show- the regular episode will drop next Tuesday -as the crew + Bill Mulligan decided to throw Jerry a surprise Birthday podcast focusing on Jerry’s favorite movie monster- Vampires. The show’s format is a little different this week. There’s no movie assignment for Richard, just a discussion about everyone’s favorite movie vampires. 

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Kevin Smith gets a lot of grief for his films lately. Here’s why I like that he’s still doing his thing his way.


Kevin Smith has been making films “professionally” since 1994’s Clerks. A series of films following Clerks made him a huge, buzzworthy name in cinema in the 1990s. Odds were good that there was at least one huge fan of Kevin Smith in almost every group of friends, and more than a few people around you were quoting Jay’s lines from any number of Jay & Silent Bob scenes. A lot of people were getting behind Kevin Smith’s success as a filmmaker. It was a great story of the little guy making good in the profession he loved. After all, this was a guy who somehow made it big with on a film that he made on only (originally) $27,000 and was almost entirely 92 minutes of just people talking to each other.


Bloody Ballet (2018)

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Hey, guys and gals. Some time back I wrote a piece on a film called Bombshell Bloodbath and director Brett Mullen. I said back then to keep your eyes on him for a reason.

Indie Horror Online


Director: Brett Mullen
Cast: Kendra Carelli, Debbie Rochon, Brett Wagner
Production Company: Red Nebula
Runtime: 84 minutes

Ah, classical ballet. It’s a dance form steeped in heritage, culture, and blood. At least, that’s my kind of ballet! Director Brett Mullen brings us a rare treat relating to the most beautiful of performance arts with his latest film, Bloody Ballet (2018).

In the movie, Adriana (Kendra Carelli) is a talented ballerina who receives the coveted lead role in an upcoming dance performance. For some reason, a masked psychopath has targeted the women involved in the show, murdering them in gruesome ways…

Formerly known as Fantasma, Bloody Ballet is a neo-giallo in the grand style of Suspiria (1977) and Torso (1973). The film’s cinematography, lighting, effects, and music are all executed in a strikingly artistic manner. This movie is eye candy for horror fans…


The movie is written by Brett Mullen…

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverMention Marvel Comics around just about anyone these days, the first thing they’ll start talking about is superheroes. Certainly, they’ll talk about superhero movies, because Marvel has largely owned the big screen for quite some few years now. You may even get some people launching into excited conversations about superheroes on the small screen; especially if those discussions revolve around Netflix’s (seemingly shrinking) offerings.

Occasionally, you even get people that mention a character like Blade. If you caught our last show, you’ll know that one of those people is Assignment Horror’s own Richard Ewell. Annoyingly, and more than just occasionally, there are people that will respond with surprise when the film Blade is brought up in a discussion about Marvel movies. This is because a lot of the general public doesn’t seem to realize that Blade, vampires in general, and a whole lot more creations that fall under the monstrous…

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In Spring of 1982, Marc Singer was still about six months away from becoming an icon to genre fans by starring in The Beastmaster and about a year away from cementing that status by fighting the evil, lizard-faced alien invaders of television’s science fiction epic miniseries V. I became a fan of Marc Singer because of an entirely different (and different kind) of role. Despite my lifelong status as typically being one of the bigger geeks in whatever company I was keeping, I discovered Marc Singer around this time as an actor in a non-genre film that is still to this day my favorite of his many roles.