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You made us believe

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The Underground Space Station

Hello, Stan.

Sorry, the reports of your demise, anticipated by many for a while now, have not been greatly exaggerated.  In an odd way, though, the world doesn’t seem less grim because of it.  Most people are united in their sadness over what the world lost, someone who united so many with 4-color characters that ran the entire prism.

The first recollection of an actual comic book that I have was a Spider-Man issue, MAYBE Marvel Team-Up? from the mid-’70’s.  The splash page had Spidey and some woman strapped to tables–in their UNDERWEAR!  Made my five year old self blush!–while the Kingpin stood by the controls.  Then came the Super Size Star Wars and BSG’s, and the first of my MANY hospital stays after hitting my head, a Super Size Spider-Man team up starting with the Hulk.  I’d read other comics by then, but the Marvel ones were different. …

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Stan Lee at Dragon Con

Early in the day on November 12, 2018, the horrible news we all sadly knew was coming finally came. Stan Lee had passed away. 


We Now Tweet and Patreon

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