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FlasBoomFlashDemonoid: Messenger of Death (AKA Macabra) was meant to be writer/director Alfredo Zacarías’s horror tour de force. Unfortunately, while the film does have its loyal cult following, it came out a little more in the way of a tour de farce. The film boasts an almost clever idea, some rather pedestrian action scenes, music that would have been home on primetime television of the 1970s, silly FX, and a couple of lead actors who were probably only paying the bills at that point thanks to The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. No, seriously… Between the two of them, they had nine appearances on Fantasy Island alone.

Our story begins about 300 years ago with a bunch of guys in yellow robes chasing a young woman in yellow robes around the inside of a big dirt cave. When they get their hands on her, she starts to toss them…

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