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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

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Our story so far…

Throughout the country, an almost uniquely American art form staked out a place for itself in television market after television market. For almost 50 years the American Horror Host entertained and inspired generations of geeks of all ages all across the land. By the time the 2000s were approaching, the horror host began to disappear- seemingly almost ready to become extinct -thanks to the quest for maximization of corporate profits. But there two new options out there- one having actually been there for some time, one a new and growing medium -which would help give the horror host a new lease on life.

The sad fact of television as the 2000s dawned was that throughout the majority of the United States the idea of local television was dead. The local VHF stations had gone down first, and then the…

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast


50 Years Later, TV’s Ghoulardi Lives — In Punk Rock

Before picking up where I left off in Part 1, looking at how horror hosting evolved to survive the television purge, I’m going to look at my hosts first. And, with at least one of them, that actually leads into talking about that evolution in a rather substantial way.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Horror Hosts 1Seemingly millions of years ago, back in the prehistoric days of television, say, the 1950s, the television landscape looked a wee bit different than it did today. For one thing, your viewing options were rather limited when it came to available channels. You had your networks, all three of them, and, if lucky, more than two local UHF channels. Even PBS didn’t come along until 1970.

That was, with regards to variety in television viewing, the downside. The upside was that your local stations, even the network affiliated ones, were far more independent and creative than they are these days. Programming found outside of the hours where they carried the network lineups showed where they had the ability to play around, to create programming that catered to the local or regional tastes, and made their own programming in their own production studios. Some of this might be simple, inexpensive to…

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Recorded LIVE at Dragon Con 2018 for the Horror Track!

John Carpenter’s Halloween changed horror cinema 40 years ago. Our pal Derek Tatum put together a roundtable of luminaries to discuss the original as well as the upcoming sequel. Our own Dave West moderated a fantastic panel consisting of author Mari Mancusi, author/illustrator Catherine M. Scully, author Valerie Hampton, and author Clay Gilbert.

The group discusses the impact of the original film and the significance of its holiday setting. Michael Myers, Laurie Strode, and Samuel Loomis are also discussed in-depth, as their complicated relationship contributes hugely to the lasting appeal of the film.

Listen in as this talented group dissect one of the greatest horror films of all time on the newest episode of the Needless Things Podcast!

Buy your tickets for next year’s magical Dragon Con experience now before prices go up!

Be sure to…

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

That is, of course, the opening to John Carpenter’s The Fog, and the late John Houseman doing one of the best versions of the traditional old man around the campfire telling ghost stories and scaring the spit out of the children type of characters seen in modern films. Depending on how old you may be and where you grew up; that scene may have been something you actually grew up with in real life. Stories of the local spirits roaming the material plane just waiting for you to wander unknowingly into their path and become their victim were plentiful for many a generation’s upbringing. They were a part of our childhood, they were something that created the local color of a region, and they were a great deal of fun back in the day.

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast


Vincent Price – May 27th / Christopher Lee – May 27th / Peter Cushing – May 26th

ConCarolinas took place June 1 – 3 of this year, so it took place on the first weekend after the birthdays of three of horror’s most enduring icons. Some of the powers that be decided that this year these three men should get their own panel discussion. The Assignment: Horror Podcast’s Jerry Chandler was on hand to be a part of that discussion, and we now present to you for the Halloween season the ConCarolinas panel, Happy Birthday Fathers of Fear

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July Preview


Doctor Who – The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Director: Jamie Childs

Writer: Chris Chibnall (also the new showrunner)

Stars: Jodie Whittaker, Sharon D. Clarke, Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole, Bradley Walsh

Tonight (or today depending on when you watched) we got to see the debut of the new Doctor. Any time there’s a new actor coming into the role, there are worries by the fans and speculation about how the character will now be played. When a new showrunner is coming in, there’s much the same thing.  For this debut, the level of worry, speculation, and general gnashing of teeth was unprecedented. However, one would expect that given this would be (officially) the first time we saw the Doctor as portrayed by a woman rather than a man. 

So how did she do? Come on, like I didn’t give it away with the header…