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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

CoverWhen one says the words “Hammer Horror” in most genre company, the talk frequently turns towards the classics. Dracula is a name almost instantly brought up along with Frankenstein and then the Mummy quickly following. Names like Cushing and Lee pepper every conversation, and men of a certain age- those ages being anything over the age of ten –will likely start discussing Caroline Munro in rather short order. Thank you ever so much Lamb’s Navy Rum. Ingrid Pitt will also frequently become the topic of intense discussion.

You’ll even occasionally get mentions of things like The Curse of the Werewolf, The Reptile, and The Plague of the Zombies. Maybe you’ll even get someone who brings up The Gorgon or even the Quatermass films. However, it seems that in large part the casual fan of Hammer’s horror offerings tends to leave a large chunk of Hammer films out…

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