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Go Go Constellation of Godzilla

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

G1Okay, we don’t typically cover breaking news here on The Assignment: Horror Blog, but this is a special case. This is news of truly epic proportions that cannot be ignored here or anywhere else. Godzilla is now officially a universal star, or, rather, a group of stars. 

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

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Our story so far…

Throughout the country, an almost uniquely American art form staked out a place for itself in television market after television market. For almost 50 years the American Horror Host entertained and inspired generations of geeks of all ages all across the land. By the time the 2000s were approaching, the horror host began to disappear- seemingly almost ready to become extinct -thanks to the quest for maximization of corporate profits. But there two new options out there- one having actually been there for some time, one a new and growing medium -which would help give the horror host a new lease on life.

The sad fact of television as the 2000s dawned was that throughout the majority of the United States the idea of local television was dead. The local VHF stations had gone down first, and then the…

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