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Horror Hosts 1Seemingly millions of years ago, back in the prehistoric days of television, say, the 1950s, the television landscape looked a wee bit different than it did today. For one thing, your viewing options were rather limited when it came to available channels. You had your networks, all three of them, and, if lucky, more than two local UHF channels. Even PBS didn’t come along until 1970.

That was, with regards to variety in television viewing, the downside. The upside was that your local stations, even the network affiliated ones, were far more independent and creative than they are these days. Programming found outside of the hours where they carried the network lineups showed where they had the ability to play around, to create programming that catered to the local or regional tastes, and made their own programming in their own production studios. Some of this might be simple, inexpensive to…

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