DragonConTV 2018 Streaming

Posted: August 30, 2018 in Conventions, Dragon Con, Holidays

Not as good as being there by a longshot, but at least it’s a way to get some of the weekend’s fun.

DragonConTV has long been the convention’s closed circuit television system in the host hotels. It streamed in large panel rooms in between the actual panels and on the televisions in the host hotels’ rooms. The upshot was that you could see a variety of comedic bumper bits as well as live streaming panels, the Dragon Con parade, highlights from the day, and convention announcements from the comfort of your hotel room.
This was occasionally a really big deal for many when they couldn’t get into a packed panel room and they really wanted to see the panel.
Back in 2016, Dragon Con started offering a streaming membership to attendees only. For an extra $10, you could get a streaming membership and watch the service plus highlights from prior years (a bit like using Netflix) on your computer. This was a great development if you weren’t in a host hotel, and most attendees weren’t.
Last year, for a slightly higher price, they added in a streaming membership for people not attending the convention. See here-
Not only can you see some of the current convention’s panels and the parade on the live stream, but you can still go back and see highlights from Dragon Cons past. Then, bonus, they keep the service up for a couple of months after the convention and add select panels and events to the service. You can then go back and see even more things.
Whether you can make it to Dragon Con or not, this service is totally worth the price. You get a slice of the convention live as it’s happening, you get a huge number of things to see from previous cons, and you get more from the present Dragon Con added to the service after it’s over.
And you can watch it all from the comfort of your own home.

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