Dead And Buried (1981)

Posted: August 19, 2018 in Uncategorized

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D&B1981’s Dead and Buried is a film with a troubled production history. A look at the credits shows how many hands were officially involved in its making. It doesn’t show how many people were unofficially involved. As director Gary Sherman has recounted in various interviews over the years, different people in charge of the film’s production wanted different things from a finished film. This resulted in changes being made that the director and the original writers not only disagreed with, but had no had in. They all hated the changes that were made, and at one point there was even a threat of legal actions against Sherman if he helped make changes that made the film closer to its original print version despite these changes being requested by the distributor who also felt the original vision was better. Dan O’Bannon has even said in interviewsthat he felt almost embarrassed by…

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