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Pontypool (2008)

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The Assignment: Horror Podcast

Middle2008’sPontypool started out as a book by Tony Burgess, Pontypool Changes Everything, back in 1995. It was an interesting take on the zombie concept and one that tried to maximize the effectiveness of its concept by creating a claustrophobic setting for the events that would impact the few characters the reader would get to know. The novel caused something of a small stir, but it wasn’t close to being a well known property even in many horror circles. Then the movie happened. 

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That was a name you could say in many circles without having to add the last name, and no one wondered which Harlan you were talking about. If you brought up that name in literary circles, science fiction circles, or convention panels, almost everyone who had been around for longer than a cup of coffee knew you were talking about Harlan Ellison.