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I was part of a number of ConCarolinas panels this year. Here’s one devoted to Godzilla.

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NotHere’s a little something different, a bit of a bonus episode for you. Jerry was a guest and panelist atConCarolinasthis year, and he was able to record a number of the panels he was on. One of these panels was a discussion about the King of the Monsters and why he’s not simply just another overgrown creature stomping buildings and people flat. 

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One of the bits of news that came out of 2018’s San Diego Comic-Con news dump was the return to television of Buffy Summers and her quest to kill every vampire she comes across other than the ones that qualify as good dating material. This was met with some positive reactions in fandom, but the positive reception of the news hasn’t quite been universal. The reasons for this have been the details around the news. First, it’s a reboot. Second, fans of the official continuation of the Buffy story, the comic series, are suddenly having visions of their beloved stories getting junked and declared no longer official ala Star Wars properties in the era of The Mouse running the franchise. Third, the announcement was big on emphasizing that this will be a reboot featuring the exploits of a black Buffy Summers.

Believe it or not, some of the complaints about that last bit aren’t what you likely think they are or from the sources you likely think they’re coming from. But, taking those in order…