“It’s our turn now!”

Posted: June 25, 2018 in Life, News, Politics

Cracker Barrel

Okay, now that I’ve gotten to laugh my ass off about Huckabee and crew’s hypocrisy for the weekend… Some (mostly) more seriously constructed thoughts.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders got requested to leave a restaurant called Red Hen this weekend because the owner felt that she wasn’t simply an average person with opposing points of view, but rather a public figure and representative of an administration that has been hostile to various minority groups that included her staff and that Sarah Huckabee Sanders worked in the service of an “inhumane and unethical” administration.

“And it was important to her that Sanders was a public official, not just a customer with whom she disagreed, many of whom were included in her regular clientele.”

She apparently made sure she was actually served, and then refused to let her pay. Then she- politely I guess -sent her on her way.


Sanders tweeted about the encounter, an act which both set off a social media firestorm and may have been an ethics violation.


The reactions from the Professional Right- especially Mike Huckabee -were absolutely hilarious. It was definitely laughable watching the very same people who have fought to make discrimination by business owners based on “deeply held beliefs” legal and allowable whine and cry foul because a business owner discriminated against one of THEM based on “deeply held beliefs” of her own. And, hilariously, you could see that the little lightbulb in their heads still never went off.

When the conservative right began to lead the charge to allow bigots to hide behind “deeply held beliefs” in order to engage in legal discrimination against groups they were bigoted against, they were told that, duh, when you open that door you will let in unintended consequences. One of those unintended consequences was having other people suddenly able to do the exact same thing to them.

The poor little dears, bless their hearts, especially the Huckabee clan, just weren’t smart enough to work that bit out even with people completely spelling it out for them. Apparently, they were under the mistaken assumption that legalized bigotry would be something only they would get to use as a tool in the day to day world, and just couldn’t imagine that it could happen to them. Turned out that, oops, they were wrong.


And when it did, the professional punditry and political figures went into overdrive acting as if this was the greatest crime ever perpetrated on mankind. One of THEIR OWN was asked to leave a dining establishment after receiving their meal and told they wouldn’t have to pay! The outrage!!! Which was funny given that so many of the talking heads “outraged” over this have defended (if not demanded) that this kind of thing be not only allowed, but codified into state or federal law. These same conservative talking heads have spent years now insisting that various bakers and others be able to discriminate as they see fit based on their deeply held (conservative) beliefs.

It was particularly comical watching Mike Huckabee spit and sputter about “bigotry” on the menu and throwing around cutesy names like “the hate plate” or “small plates for small minds.” Seriously, Mike Huckabee… A man who has championed the right to be a bigot (but only a conservative bigot) by not only private business owners, but tried to tie his brand to civil servant Kim Davis during his Presidential bid while hyping her up as some sort of folk hero for refusing to issue or allow the issuing of gay marriage licenses because of her (hate and bigotry) deeply held beliefs.

The humor continued as the average Joe and Jane conservative leapt into action to condemn the exact same thing they themselves have insisted must be allowed when they want to do it, and, additionally, jumped into various discussion threads to explain why the acts of bigotry and discrimination they like and support are TOTALLY different not that you’d understand that ‘fact’ thank you very much.

Well, actually, it was different. They supported it when they liked it. They didn’t like it this time. And the various little dears, bless their hearts, are even now still stomping their feet and insisting that this is totally wrong and totally different and how dare you even suggest that it’s anything like the bigotry and discrimination they like and want to see allowed in polite society.

I mean, look, if they want to live like that, there are plenty of countries that would make them feel right at home. Of course, they might have to join groups like ISIL or the Taliban to live there…

And adding to the overall humor are the people who have never been to a restaurant running to their computers in order to write negative reviews about the food, service, etc. or leaving profanity laced comments and making threats. You know, the type of thing they decry if it’s done to, say, a cake baker’s shop.

It would be really amusingly funny if it weren’t really so pathetically sad type of funny.

Of course, I’m not too thrilled with the other side of the coin here either.

When various businesses have tried to refuse service to others based on the bigotry of the owner or owners, I’ve said one thing over and over again- If you open a business in the public square, you serve the public.

Full stop.

End of sentence.

Can you make exceptions? Of course you can. The X-rated book seller can and should keep out minors just as the ABC store can and should (and must) decline sales to people under 21. If there’s a history of gang or outlaw motorcycle gang problems, you can enforce rules banning gang colors in an establishment and banning known troublemaking members or groups. Hell, that one asshole who gets himself banned from a place, gang member or not, is almost a local tradition in some places. And, well, past shoplifters who have been caught are usually not welcome as clientele anymore.

You know, things like that.

But we don’t refuse service based on the concept of “I don’t like your kind.” And that’s been very much the same basic argument from many who have decried the bigoted actions of those that the clan Huckabee and their kind have defended for years now. So, I have to say that I find the large number of people who took that stand who now think this is a good thing to have happening somewhat annoying.

I won’t fault you for finding humor in the crocodile tears shed by hypocritical Mike Huckabee over the treatment of his often seemingly soulless and always seemingly dishonest not so little girl. I’m still laughing my ass off at them and every other hypocrite who is only now discovering that discrimination based on “deeply held beliefs” is so much bullshit and completely wrong.

But some on the left are taking joy in specifically the fact that this happened to her at all. Some on the left are practically celebrating the fact that she was told to leave.

That’s a bit of a different beast.

As much as I’ve appreciated the humor the whining conservatives have put on display by going into phony outrage hypocrite mode or by trying to lecture others about how their preferred form of bigotry and discrimination is totally okay and totally different from this form of bigotry and discrimination- It really is a bit like watching a toddler complaining about getting hit on the head with a plastic Wiffle ball bat being held by another toddler when that toddler took the bat from the complaining toddler after he hit him ten or twenty times.

Well, yeah, dumbass, when you treat other kids like shit they might just return the favor. Life lesson learned and STFU with the whining about it now.

Except, as much as they might like to act like toddlers, we’re not toddlers and shouldn’t act like toddlers in kind.

I’ve seen people like Sarah Huckabee Sanders removed from various dining establishments in the past. The thing is, they weren’t just sitting there quietly eating their food as she and her party were that evening. They would have to actively be engaging inside of the establishment in the kind of rhetoric they were known for outside of the establishment. In other words, they would have to be actively harassing the other clientele and being a disturbance.

They would have to be doing a lot more than just sitting there quietly eating their food.

I’ve also been in places in my lifetime where people have been harassed out of a business and the owner has done nothing or even seen owners ask people to leave because they didn’t want “their kind” in the place because “their kind” meant being gay, black, Asian, etc. I’ve had the displeasure as a teen of walking out of a place with a friend because the person behind the counter knew the person I was with and kept loudly demanding to know who let the “zebra” into the convenience store. For those of you who don’t know, that was once a popular slang insult by racists in many areas thrown at children who had one parent who was white and one who was black.

I never much cared for the people who did those things.

I can’t say I care much for the people taking the position of “It’s our turn now!” either.

That’s always a bad path to walk down as it typically involves being the monster you hate.

It doesn’t matter what you think of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It doesn’t matter what rationale you can think up to excuse telling her to leave when all she was doing was quietly dining. It doesn’t matter because every reason you can come up with can and has likely been used by some bigot somewhere to do the same thing in an incident you have or would have had you known of it spoken out against.

I have no issue with laughing at them, but a condition to that is remembering to be better than them.

If you have ever been discriminated against or told to leave someplace because of who or what you were, you know what it feels like. You know it doesn’t feel good. I know it doesn’t feel good, because it’s happened to me. A decent human being takes that knowledge- knowing what that feels like and how much it made the other people seem like the lowest of human scum -and tries to never reverse those roles.

“It’s our turn now!”


That’s really not a good way to live your life. Be better than them, because we should be. Be better than this. 


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