Assignment Horror – Blacula

Posted: October 27, 2017 in Entertainment, Horror, Podcasts
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The first episode of The Assignment Horror Podcast. On Soundcloud now, soon to be on iTunes. We’re a little rough around the edges on the first one, but we’re still getting our rhythm as a team.

Welcome to the podcast that is about horror education. Johnathan, Rebecca, & Gerald (A.K.A John, Becca, & Jerry) teach young Richard about horror movies that his young mind might have missed.

Blacula is this weeks lesson & you will find out if Richard liked the movie and if he thinks it holds up to today’s standards.

“During a visit to Transylvania, an African prince (William Marshall) gets turned into a vampire by Count Dracula (Charles McCauley). Sealed in a coffin for several lifetimes, “Blacula” reawakens in 1970s Los Angeles. Leaving a trail of bloodless victims in his wake, he pursues Lina (Vonetta McGee), a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon Thomas (Thalmus Rasulala) and top cop Lt. Peters (Gordon Pinsent) are hot on the bloodsucker’s trail.

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